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How Mentoring Youth Helps Them in the Long Run

When you hear stories of successful people sharing how a caring mentor in their childhood helped get them to where they are today – you understand why mentoring is so beneficial to young people. These stories can be found everywhere, and if you think about it, there was probably someone in your childhood who made a significant impact on your life. Maybe it was an extended family member, teacher, counselor, coach, or neighbor who helped mentor you when you were young. Whoever it was, a mentor offers a young person support, guidance, hope, and encouragement. Award-winning actor Denzel Washington once said, “Show me a successful individual and I’ll show you someone who had a real positive influence in his or her life. I don’t care what you do for a living – if you do it well, I’m sure there was someone cheering you on or showing you the way. A mentor.” Studies have shown for years the long-term benefits that quality mentoring can have on young people. At Frogbridge Day Camp, we’ve seen first-hand the benefits that mentors have on campers. That’s why, ever since 1999, we are so careful to ensure that our day camp mentors and teachers are the best fit for our Frogbridge campers. Here, we share some of the key benefits of how mentoring youth can help them in the long run:

Enhanced Self-Esteem Benefits    

The enhanced self-esteem that kids find when they have a quality mentor helps them stay strong when tempted by peer pressure. With self-confidence, kids aren’t so easily persuaded to do something they know is wrong just to fit in. In a five-year study done by Big Brothers Big Sisters Canada, children with mentors were found to have fewer behavior problems and exhibited more confidence in themselves.  In one study done by Psychology Today, youth with a supportive mentor other than their parents blossomed in their interpersonal skills and emotional maturity. No matter the demographic, almost all the youth in the study reported better planning and problem-solving skills. These skills combined help kids grow, and develop self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-awareness.

Kids Are Less Likely to Be Involved in Bullying

At Frogbridge Day Camp, we know that mentoring matters to positive youth maturation. Psychology Today reported on a study demonstrating the link between mentoring youth and a reduction in bullying behaviors. At least 1 in 4 students in the U.S. report being bullied while at school, according to the U.S. Department of Education From middle school to high school, a quarter of all kids have reportedly been bullied at some point. When a caring adult mentors youth, they’re almost being made bully-proof by the self-esteem they build as a result. In the study done by Big Brothers Big Sisters Canada, girls were four times less likely to become bullies than those without a mentor, while boys were less likely by twice the rate.

Kids Demonstrate Improved Behavior 

When youth grow up with meaningful and caring mentors in their lives, they exhibit improved behavior and positive attitudes. Both at home and school, kids know how to behave and talk to older people, like teachers and coaches, as their interpersonal skills develop.  When teachers in the BELONG mentoring program worked with students, they reported that students were more engaged in the classroom and were more concerned in their learning than other students without mentors. Youth who have an influential mentor figure in their lives are also less likely to get involved in drug use and criminal behaviors. One study found that kids without a strong mentor are twice as likely to initiate drug use than those with a mentor. The life skills that mentees gained from their mentor helped them stay away from drugs and criminal behavior.

Experience the Difference at Frogbridge Day Camp in Central New Jersey

Having a caring mentor can impact the life of a child in a meaningful way. At Frogbridge Day Camp, our mission statement has remained the same since 1999: “Children First.” Our number one priority is making a difference in the lives of children, both young and old. From engaging with our camp mentors and teachers to playing with kids their age, the experience that campers have at Frogbridge plays an indispensable role in their social development and maturation.  We are careful to employ the most mature, experienced, and caring teachers and mentors at our summer day camp. We stress the importance of independence, learning new skills, and appreciating the importance of camaraderie and friendship. We stand by this promise to offer your children the most exceptional camping experience possible at rates comparable to all others in Central Jersey. Come see the difference at Frogbridge for yourself by scheduling a personal tour! Complete an online contact form today or call our office at (609) 438-8275.

Qualities of Successful Day Camp Mentors

Qualities of Successful Day Camp Mentors

Mentors play a significant role in campers at summer day camp. They’re the ones who spend most of their time helping campers, making sure they put on sunscreen, getting to their scheduled activities, and offering support and encouragement when they’re nervous about trying something new. One thing we pride ourselves on here at Frogbridge Day Camp is having the most mature and experienced team of mentors and teachers in the country available for our campers. 

A question that we often hear from both parents and prospective mentors is what qualities we look for when we hire our Frogbridge mentors. Some people might think that all camp mentors have to be loud and bubbly with lots of energy. While these personality traits can be charming in some, they don’t describe all of the amazing people who serve in the Mentor role.

Each day camp mentor is unique with their own set of personality traits that make them perfect for our team. However, over the years, there have been specific quality traits that stand out when we hire our Frogbridge day camp mentors.

1. Mentors are positive role models

As a day camp mentor, all eyes are on you. Campers young and old are watching how you handle other campers, camp teachers, and even when you think they’re not paying attention. Kids are incredibly observant. Day camp mentors must be aware of this fact and take this responsibility of being a role model seriously. When they get upset, do they get angry? When they’re happy, do they celebrate? However mentors act, many young campers will mimic that behavior. Being a positive role model is key to being a successful mentor.

2. Mentors have grit

Day camp can be a lot of fun for campers and mentors alike. But it can also be stressful for those in charge. To be a promising day camp mentor, you have to have grit and roll with the punches. A thunderstorm might interfere with the big plans for the Color War “Break,” or an activity or special event may not go off as planned, and you have to alter plans for everyone. Mentors with grit work through any setbacks, keeping a positive attitude and figuring out how to make the best of any situation. They might not be thrilled about having to reschedule activities and assignments, but they make the best of the situation and do it with a smile on their face.

3. Mentors are focused on the campers

We all know that summer day camp is fun – for kids and kids-at-heart. The most successful day camp mentors, however, don’t come to Frogbridge thinking about all the fun that they’ll have. Instead, they’re thinking about the difference that they’ll make in so many kids’ experiences at day camp. Everyone wants to try Toadally Tubing and our 500-foot zip line! But if that’s the main reason for becoming a mentor, then we have to dig deeper. We want our mentors at Frogbridge to provide a fun experience and invest in the lives of the kids who come. Everything else is a bonus.

4. Mentors are hard-working

Being a day camp mentor can undoubtedly be fun, but mentors can work hard too. You can’t be a successful day camp mentor and be lazy. When you’re a day camp mentor, you’re staying active from early morning to early evening – sometimes later. When mentors slack off, campers don’t get the experience they deserve. The best day camp mentors give it their all to each activity and assignment, to provide the best experience for the campers.

5. Most of all, mentors are responsible

This should go without saying – but being responsible is essential for any successful day camp mentor. Frogbridge mentors have a huge responsibility. They have to be sure campers stay safe throughout daily programs and activities, eat a healthy lunch, stay hydrated, and have a good time throughout the entire experience. When mentors act carelessly, the outcomes can be dangerous. That’s one risk we aren’t willing to take.

Mentors Make a Difference at Frogbridge Day Camp

There are many extraordinary qualities that successful day camp mentors possess. They’re creative, compassionate, silly, flexible, and kind. Most of all, they care about making a difference in the lives of children. If you’re considering sending your child to summer camp, you can rest assured in knowing that Frogbridge Day Camp hires wonderful people as mentors and teachers for our campers. We are proud to offer Frogbridge day campers the most mature and experienced team of mentors and teachers in the country with the highest staff to camper ratio in the industry. It’s all part of what makes us stand out, something that we call the Frogbridge Difference.

If you think you have what it takes to be a successful Frogbridge Day Camp mentor, please check out our Work at Frogbridge page to learn more. Or, if you’re a parent and want to visit Frogbridge Day Camp and take a personal tour before the upcoming day camp season, please complete an online contact form to schedule your tour, or call us today at (609) 438-8275.

What Your Child Can Learn at Frogbridge Day Camp

What Your Child Can Learn at Frogbridge Day Camp

With the end of the school year quickly approaching, many parents are considering the option of sending their children to summer day camp for the months between classes. If you have the means and opportunity to do so, studies show that sending your child to day camp comes with many added benefits. The American Camp Association describes day camp as an enrichment to children’s lives, which aligns with the history and purpose of summer day camps in America. What began as a fad in the early 1900s for boys to spend time in the outdoors quickly evolved into a stage in childhood that girls and boys both look forward to.

There’s no denying that summer day camp is packed full of benefits for children. At Frogbridge Day Camp, we pride ourselves in offering the safest environment with the most diverse range of activities – all of which are tailor-made for the growing camper. From Pre-K to 10th grade, when you send your children to Frogbridge, you’ll be astonished at what they’ll learn.

Frogbridge Features a Variety of Special Interest Activities for Campers

During the school year, schedules are packed with little opportunity for children to discover new interests between homework, family time, and extracurricular activities. When they go to summer camp, the possibilities are endless for finding new talents and interests.

Campers at Frogbridge Day Camp get to try new activities, return to those they already love or discover new interests and find where their natural talents lie, with a variety of activities for campers to choose from. We call these options “Clubs” or “electives”.

Some of the most favorite elective activities at Frogbridge Day Camp include:

  • Drama Center
  • Arts n’ Crafts
  • Computers
  • Sports such as Archery, Soccer and Laser Tag
  • Cooking

We’ve seen first-hand at Frogbridge how developing these interests results in higher self-esteem for children as they figure out what they enjoy and what they’re good at. That knowledge can give high-schoolers the advantage of being better prepared for graduation with a sharper understanding of what they want to do for the rest of their lives.

Children Learn How to Better Communicate at Summer Camp

Campers at Frogbridge Day Camp learn to exercise and work on their communication and social skills while they interact with other children during team activities. Team activities require campers to think strategically and work together to win games and challenges. There’s usually much more time at summer camp to work on these social and communication skills than what the time allowed during the school year. At day camp, campers start learning while they’re young how to unplug and socialize with each other the old-fashioned way – by playing games and having fun!

For example, the annual Color War is the pinnacle of the summer season at Frogbridge Day Camp. Campers team up in two groups – Green and Gold – and compete in games and contests for the ultimate title as winners of the Battle at the Bridge. For three days, campers face off in more than 50 activities throughout our 86-acre resort and compete while focusing on and gaining much needed points by showing fair play and teamwork.

Campers Show Increased Independence When They Go to Frogbridge Day Camp

While at Frogbridge Day Camp, campers learn how to care for themselves and manage their interests in multiple activities happening throughout the day without their parents reminding them. That helps kids grow by learning how to make new friends, get their meals during lunch hour, and take care of the personal belongings that they bring with them to camp. With the added safety benefit of teachers and camp counselors available whenever they might be needed, this gives children the chance to spread their wings while feeling supported by others.

Frogbridge Campers Learn About the Importance of Community Service

Throughout childhood, kids learn that it’s good to help others and to do good deeds. When children come to Frogbridge, they see the difference that their good deeds provide to local communities by participating in our “Campers Helping Kids” program. Some of the organizations that our campers have helped through this program include: 

  • Pediatric Cancer Foundation 
  • Juvenile Diabetes Foundation (JFRF)
  • Lymphoma & Leukemia Society

Children can also participate in our annual Halloween event, called the Frogtoberfest. This not-so-spooky event is focused on donating toys to families in need for the upcoming holiday season. These interactions are all part of the Frogbridge philosophy of making a difference in a child’s life. When you send your children to Frogbridge Day Camp, they get to become an integral part of positive change. 

Discover All That Your Child Can Learn at Frogbridge Day Camp! 

As you weigh whether you want to send your children to day camp, we invite you to come and check out Frogbridge for yourself! Bring your child and see for yourself what sets Frogbridge Day Camp apart from all the rest. We offer daily personal tours throughout the year. 

Complete a contact form online or give our main office a call today to schedule your visit at (609) 438-8275.

Top 4 Reasons Why Teens Love Summer Day Camp

Top 4 Reasons Why Teens Love Summer Day Camp

Teens across the country are counting down the days until the last day of school. Summer means freedom and fun, and the memories that teens make during those few months tend to be some of the best they’ll make all year long. Years ago, teens didn’t have many options on how to pass the days when school was out. Outside of traditional day camp, teens could choose to visit their local pool or nearby beach to pass the long summer days; some might even get a summer job. 

These days, however, between travel opportunities, immersion classes, sports camps, and internships – teens have a plethora of options on how they want to spend their sweet summertime. Something that we find year after year, however, is that, despite so many options, teens still choose to spend their summer days with us at Frogbridge Day Camp.

We’re always listening to our campers at Frogbridge Day Camp. What we’ve learned is there are some common reasons why teens love summer day camp.

1. Teens Make New Friends at Summer Day Camp

Hundreds of families across New Jersey continue to send their teens to summer day camp at Frogbridge. Teens get to interact and spend time with others their age who they might not have ever met while attending their local school. Teens are engrossed in new sports, games, and activities that only happen at summer camp, like Rock Climbing and Zip lining and exciting games of laser tag. Teens lean on each other to learn and grow, which builds the foundation for strong friendships – many of which will last a lifetime.

2. Camp Allows Teens to Develop New Skills  

Teens who spend four weeks or more at summer day camp are immersed in a world of electives and activities that they might not get to experience any other time of year. Frogbridge allows teens to pick which electives and activities they want to spend time on. That way, teens are in control of how they spend their days at summer camp, and they can select what piques their interests most. Having so much time to dive into new skills that they learn through these activities and electives allows teens to acquire new skills. Some of the skills that campers learn at Frogbridge include driving a motorized go kart, creative arts, working on computers or painting, and thinking/improvising on their feet during improv with Performing Arts. 

3. The Combined Freedom and Structure of Camp Helps Teens Grow

The teenage years are ones where kids are becoming more independent and learning to trust their instincts. When teens go to summer day camp, it’s a test of their self-sufficiency and allows them to make decisions based on their own best judgment. Mom or dad isn’t telling them what to choose to eat for lunch, when to clean up after themselves, and how to manage their free time. When teens are at summer camp, they learn to make decisions independently, which allows them to grow. Teens come to understand the thought process for making a good decision and learn more about themselves in the process.

4. Fun Field Trips for Teens Only

Summer camps have travel options and field trips that are for teens only. For campers who have spent years in summer camp as they’re growing, they look forward to finally becoming a teenager so they can participate in these excursions. At Frogbridge Day Camp, for example, we offer a travel program for 8th graders, called S.C.O.R.E., and a more extended Teen Travel Program that’s only open to 9th and 10th-grade campers (14-15 years old). Throughout the summer, campers can participate in as many as 32 travel days and six travel overnights. Some of the trips that teens have traveled to in the past include the following:

  • Hershey Park
  • Busch Gardens, Va.
  • Boston, Mass.
  • Baltimore, Md.

This travel time helps teens continue to feel more confident as they grow in their independence. When the school year begins again, they can return feeling refreshed from a fun summer and ready to tackle their classes.

Discover All the Fun That Your Teens Can Have at Frogbridge Day Camp

If you’re still unsure about how your teenagers will feel about summer day camp, bring them for a visit and find out first-hand all the fun to be had! Located on 86 acres in Central New Jersey, we encourage you to visit and see for yourself! We offer personal tours daily throughout the year at Frogbridge Day Camp, and our Open House events take place on select Saturdays throughout the winter. To schedule an appointment, fill out our online contact form, or call our main office at 609-438-8275.

Camp For Preschoolers: Miss Erin Welcomes Frogbridge’s Tiniest Campers

TP1’s Miss. Erin Welcomes the Tiniest Campers To Frogbridge Day Camp In NJ

Sending your child off to preschool summer camp for the first time can be intimidating. Watching them step onto the bus for the very first time and waving goodbye, brings a roller coaster of emotions:

Am I making the right decision? Will he or she be safe? How will my child be treated by the team members at camp? The most comforting thing to know as a camper parent is that your child will be surrounded by loving, caring, professional team members. They will go to any length to make sure your child is treated with the very same care you would expect from your own family.

One of our most beloved staff members, Miss. Erin has the important and rewarding job of working with our tiniest campers. We asked TP1’s Miss. Erin to share the some of the most important things you should know before sending your child to camp for the first time, as well as what they will do on a typical day at Frogbridge.

Q. What is Something You Think The Parents Should Know Before Sending Their Children Off To Local Summer Camp For The First Time?

A The most important thing for the parents to know is that their children are in good hands. All our head counselors—and most of the Frogbridge staff in general—in Tadpole are adults, we are all adults with teaching degrees. We are professional educators, very well versed in caring for young children. We will all have children that may cry at some point throughout the day. Whether it’s because they miss mommy or because they don’t like a lunch item that day, we’re all so well prepared for these scenarios. And we’re more than ready to handle that!

Q. What Comfort Would You Offer A Parent Who Is Nervous About Sending Their Child Off For The First Time?

A. Dr. Lisa Polvere, our pre-k and kindergarten division leader, who is also the Tadpole Village Preschool principal throughout the year, is a great resource if you’re ever feeling uncomfortable. You can always call and Lisa will come and check in on your child and let you know how they’re doing. She will come and stay with our group for some time. She makes sure your child is getting acclimated and adjusting well to their new surroundings as well as their new friends and team leaders.

Q. What Is a Typical Summer Camp Day for TP1?

A. The children get off the bus or get dropped off directly in front of our camp home. As soon as they come into our room, most children will run up to us for a big morning hug! Then we will help them get changed to swim in our lifeguard supervised pool complex. We always do sunscreen, right away.

Because we don’t have an outdoor morning assembly with the older kids, we have some playtime in our room as we prepare them for their day. We’ll take their orders for lunch so we know what they want to eat before we get there. Then we leave for our first activity!

We typically have our outdoor activities at the beginning of the day. This way, when the sun is at it’s hottest we’re all inside. We do two fun activities back to back, and then we go to lunch. Of course make sure we all go to the bathroom and wash our hands! Then we get to enjoy whatever fabulous lunch Chef Will has prepared for us that day. One thing you should never be concerned about is, “what if my child is a picky eater?” There are so many options that we will always have something that your child will like. Our head chef will go to great lengths to make sure each and every child has eaten a delicious, full meal!

When we’re done with lunch we take the campers to the bathroom once again, and get them all ready to go to our next activity, which will be followed by swim. Campers have swim twice a day. During the first period we have daily swim lessons and we have a certified lifeguard teaching our campers how to swim. Then, they have a second period of free swim in the pool in the afternoon!

I’ve had some campers in the past who initially did not enjoy swim time and others that absolutely loved it. While some children may swim like a fish, and love swimming underwater, others are not as advanced. Each swim instructor will tailor their teaching style to fit every child’s needs and adjust the swim lesson accordingly. Everyone is working at their own pace and having fun while doing it.

One thing about Tadpole swim that should be mentioned is tha they are always supervised. Every single teacher and team member is sitting by the pool watching their group. Whether they are in the pool with the kids during free swim or sitting with their feet in right alongside, your child is never out of someone’s sight.

Once swim is complete, we have a snack and changing period, and then we have one more activity. Once they’re all done with that we pack up and make sure everyone uses the bathroom one last time. After, we walk them to their busses and go home for the day.

Q. What Is Your Favorite Part About Working With Frogbridge’s Tiniest Campers Every Summer?

A. I think they’re the best kids at Frogbridge! They’re adorable and so much fun to work with! Seeing Frogbridge through their eyes is a whole different experience because they’re experiencing everything for the first time. It’s much different than a child that has done the zip line a million times. I’m looking at a three-year-old who is looking at this giant rock wall (in their eyes) for the first time. Then watch his little face go from hesitant and nervous to overcoming their fears and screaming, “this is amazing!” It’s awesome and it’s so, so rewarding because everything is incredible to them and everything is brand new. They bring me joy!

Frogbridge Day Camp is NJ’s premier summer camp for all ages. We’ve earned this reputation because of the extraordinary care of our highly experienced and caring team members. Come to one of our open houses and discover the hoppin difference for yourself!

For a magical childhood experience they’ll never forget

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