How Mentoring Youth Helps Them in the Long Run

When you hear stories of successful people sharing how a caring mentor in their childhood helped get them to where they are today – you understand why mentoring is so beneficial to young people. These stories can be found everywhere, and if you think about it, there was probably someone in your childhood who made a significant impact on your life. Maybe it was an extended family member, teacher, counselor, coach, or neighbor who helped mentor you when you were young. Whoever it was, a mentor offers a young person support, guidance, hope, and encouragement. Award-winning actor Denzel Washington once said, “Show me a successful individual and I’ll show you someone who had a real positive influence in his or her life. I don’t care what you do for a living – if you do it well, I’m sure there was someone cheering you on or showing you the way. A mentor.” Studies have shown for years the long-term benefits that quality mentoring can have on young people. At Frogbridge Day Camp, we’ve seen first-hand the benefits that mentors have on campers. That’s why, ever since 1999, we are so careful to ensure that our day camp mentors and teachers are the best fit for our Frogbridge campers. Here, we share some of the key benefits of how mentoring youth can help them in the long run:

Enhanced Self-Esteem Benefits    

The enhanced self-esteem that kids find when they have a quality mentor helps them stay strong when tempted by peer pressure. With self-confidence, kids aren’t so easily persuaded to do something they know is wrong just to fit in. In a five-year study done by Big Brothers Big Sisters Canada, children with mentors were found to have fewer behavior problems and exhibited more confidence in themselves.  In one study done by Psychology Today, youth with a supportive mentor other than their parents blossomed in their interpersonal skills and emotional maturity. No matter the demographic, almost all the youth in the study reported better planning and problem-solving skills. These skills combined help kids grow, and develop self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-awareness.

Kids Are Less Likely to Be Involved in Bullying

At Frogbridge Day Camp, we know that mentoring matters to positive youth maturation. Psychology Today reported on a study demonstrating the link between mentoring youth and a reduction in bullying behaviors. At least 1 in 4 students in the U.S. report being bullied while at school, according to the U.S. Department of Education From middle school to high school, a quarter of all kids have reportedly been bullied at some point. When a caring adult mentors youth, they’re almost being made bully-proof by the self-esteem they build as a result. In the study done by Big Brothers Big Sisters Canada, girls were four times less likely to become bullies than those without a mentor, while boys were less likely by twice the rate.

Kids Demonstrate Improved Behavior 

When youth grow up with meaningful and caring mentors in their lives, they exhibit improved behavior and positive attitudes. Both at home and school, kids know how to behave and talk to older people, like teachers and coaches, as their interpersonal skills develop.  When teachers in the BELONG mentoring program worked with students, they reported that students were more engaged in the classroom and were more concerned in their learning than other students without mentors. Youth who have an influential mentor figure in their lives are also less likely to get involved in drug use and criminal behaviors. One study found that kids without a strong mentor are twice as likely to initiate drug use than those with a mentor. The life skills that mentees gained from their mentor helped them stay away from drugs and criminal behavior.

Experience the Difference at Frogbridge Day Camp in Central New Jersey

Having a caring mentor can impact the life of a child in a meaningful way. At Frogbridge Day Camp, our mission statement has remained the same since 1999: “Children First.” Our number one priority is making a difference in the lives of children, both young and old. From engaging with our camp mentors and teachers to playing with kids their age, the experience that campers have at Frogbridge plays an indispensable role in their social development and maturation.  We are careful to employ the most mature, experienced, and caring teachers and mentors at our summer day camp. We stress the importance of independence, learning new skills, and appreciating the importance of camaraderie and friendship. We stand by this promise to offer your children the most exceptional camping experience possible at rates comparable to all others in Central Jersey. Come see the difference at Frogbridge for yourself by scheduling a personal tour! Complete an online contact form today or call our office at (609) 438-8275.

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