Choosing the Right Camp

How to Find The Best Summer Camp For Kids?

Prior to becoming the men and women they are today, a lot of famous faces attended summer camp. Just to name a few, there’s Denzel Washington, Michael Jordan, Cindy Crawford, and Candice Bergen, according to Because of camp, they gained new skills and made new friends. If you’re considering sending your child to one of the top summer camps in NJ, you have a good idea in mind. Summer camps offer all sorts of benefits.

Children who attend summer camps can…

Make long lasting friendships.

As noted in a YouTube video created by the American Camp Association, because of camp, actress Emma Roberts made friendships with people she still keeps in touch with.


Actor and author Hill Harper learned about self-esteem at camp, according to the American Camp Association. Children who go to camp gain self-confidence and learn how to be leaders. 

Learn new skills.

In addition to leadership skills children develop at camp, children can learn social skills, problem solving skills, and more. Singer/songwriter Lisa Loeb learned how to play a guitar at camp while Olympic Gold Medalist Kerri Strung learned how to be a team player.  

Experience the meaning of helping others and giving back for the first time.

Campers, team members and families to date have raised tens of thousands of dollars for the Pediatric Cancer Foundation, the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, Leukemia/lymphoma Society, Our Special Place, The JAR of Hope, and the Seas It Foundation. Other ways of raising awareness include our annual Halloween Toy Drive with all proceeds going to local children’s hospitals and other organizations, as well as working with the Food Bank of Ocean & Monmouth County, when we succeeded in filling an entire bus with food which was used to benefit the victims of Hurricane Sandy.

Stay active.

Camps offer recreational activities such as climbing, swimming, boating and more. Depending on the camp, traditional and adventure sportsmay be offered. 

Going to camp can be a child’s first experience without their parent or guardian around. That experience should be a good one. Ready for your child to attend the best day camps in Central NJ?