Rainy Day Activities

Even rainy days are SUNNY at Camp!

There’s no such thing as bad weather at Frogbridge! On rainy days, all outdoor activities are replaced with indoor, air-conditioned activities at Main Street Studios, Hops and Bops Theater, Windows on the Water, Frogarita’s, and Ribbit’s Ice Cream Arcade.

Rainy days are still lots of fun! Campers can make creative projects in the craft studios, dance the day away at Hops and Bops, win a game show contest at Harry J’s House of Clues, sip slushies at Frogarita’s, try out their chef skills, pile on ALL the toppings at Ribbits Ice Cream Parlor and even participate in Olympic events at Harrison Square Garden!


Far Away From the Everyday!

This island oasis has quickly become a favorite for campers! Frogarita’s offers a place to “chill out” and sip a refreshing frozen slushie or enjoy freshly popped popcorn. We like to think of it as a “tropical paradise” offering THE SOUNDS OF THE Caribbean in our tropical island paradise.

Stop By Ribbit’s!

Ice Cream Arcade

Our 1950’s style ice cream shop and arcade offers many varieties of ice cream, hard or soft serve, with all of the toppings. Games with friends at our 1950’s style booths and counter stools, video arcade classics and even Karaoke are all just part of another day at Ribbits Ice Cream Arcade- the coolest place in camping!