Health, Safety & Supervision

Care & Supervision

A tour of Frogbridge will show you just how spectacular our 86-acre resort-like facility actually is. A conversation with our Owner, Frank and Director, J.R. will show you just how passionate they are about their family-owned and operated day camp. Yet, the Frogbridge Experience would not be a reality if it weren’t for the experienced, enthusiastic, and dedicated individuals of our team. By registering your child at Frogbridge, you are making the choice to have them cared for and supervised by the most mature and experienced camp staff in the area. We are honored and privileged that you would trust our family to care for your family! The following are a few things you should get to know about Team Frogbridge!

​​If you have even the slightest concerns at any time, we are always available and here for you!

  • All Frogbridge employees are personally interviewed by our Director
  • We require background checks and three letters of reference
  • We conduct a personal conversation with a former employer, teacher or coach of all potential staff
Pre-K and Kindergarten

Each group of 12-14 pre-K or kindergarten campers is led by a fully licensed teacher. Our experienced adult assistants as well as an assistant counselor (typically from Frogbridge’s own C.I.T. Program!) are also by their side all summer long!

First Graders

Each group of 14-16 first graders is led by a fully licensed teacher and a collegiate counselor (currently studying elementary education).

Second and Third Graders

Each group of 16 second and third graders is led by a fully licensed teacher and assisted by assistant counselors (typically from Frogbridge’s own C.I.T. Program!)

Fourth Through Seventh Graders

Each group of 16-20 fourth through seventh graders is led by experienced collegiate counselors (many of which are currently studying elementary education) with the help of assistant counselors (typically from Frogbridge’s own C.I.T. Program!).

Eighth Grade Travel Campers

Each group of eighth grade travel campers is led by at least two experienced teachers, OR collegiate counselors (currently studying elementary education) under the supervision of a fully licensed teacher (both on and off-site).

C.I.T. and Teen Travel Campers

C.I.T and Teen Travel Campers are led only by fully licensed teachers and significantly experienced camp personnel. Interested in becoming a C.I.T? Learn some of our tips for C.I.T’s.


Meet Our Camp Moms

Our on-site infirmary is led by two experienced, registered nurses that act as our “Camp Moms,” creating an environment where children know they will be well cared for and kept extremely comfortable while getting the finest hands-on care in the camping industry! Our camp team also includes Emergency Medical Technicians (E.M.T’s), and many staff members highly trained in First Aid and CPR.

Frogbridge is proud to provide our campers with a beautiful, fully appointed and air conditioned Infirmary. We are very much aware of the high number of severely allergic children in our area and are happy to provide you with all of the comfort and confidence needed to put your mind at ease as your child(ren) enjoy a carefree summer of fun with us.


All our staff are trained in how to handle and assist a highly allergic camper. We are known as Central New Jersey’s premier “nut aware” summer camp. Our nurses and staff members will go to great lengths to ensure the well being of our campers. A few moments spent with our camp staff will show you just how serious and dedicated we are to helping those campers in need of special medical assistance!

Camp Dining

Lots of Healthy Options & Lakeside Air-Conditioned Dining!

For many campers lunch is among their favorite activities of the day. As parents we’re concerned that our children are eating healthy

Our camp menu consists of kid friendly and healthy options sure to satisfy even the pickiest of eaters, while being happy to provide special attention to children with food allergies. You see, lunch at Frogbridge is an unparalleled experience that simply cannot be found anywhere!

Our Dining Facility

Our newly renovated 3,000 square foot lakeside, air-conditioned catering hall, appropriately named “Windows on the Water” is the centerpiece of the dining experience at Frogbridge Day Camp. This immaculate catering hall features a wall of windows looking out onto one of our beautiful three lakes. Campers will dine in air-conditioned comfort while watching fellow campers enjoy their time out on the lake, boating and kayaking among our beautiful fountains and beach. “Windows on the Water” is fully carpeted, with banquet tables and chairs as well as private restroom facilities for our campers. If you are interested in bringing your child during the summer with us and have questions about our lunch meals, contact our summer camp in Millstone, New Jersey today. Give us a call at 609-208-9050.

Our Chefs

Now what would a dining experience be without a great chef? Well best of all, at Frogbridge, we have 10! Our catering team consists of ten of the friendliest, most professional team members in the camping industry. Our head chef carefully prepares each and every meal, serving only the freshest foods available. Our dining team is happy to serve each child carefully, aware of any specific personal dietary needs.

Camp Menu

Our menu features hot lunch, prepared and served fresh daily, along with daily alternative options. Fresh fruit and a full salad bar are also available daily. Please refer to our “Camp Menu” to see all of this summer’s hand picked selections.

Dining options also include our BBQ Camp-Out Days located at our Grande Tent, where campers are offered hamburgers, cheeseburgers, veggie burgers and hot dogs with a full fixins bar as well as a refreshment station offering various drinks to all campers. Mexican fiesta days featuring tacos, nachos and all the fixins are also part of our summer menu.

“Nut-Aware” Facility

​​We are a “nut aware” facility, meaning our food products are carefully inspected not to contain nuts, peanut oils, etc. and are never cooked with nuts of any kind. Our chefs invite any parents of highly allergic campers to visit our kitchen prior to your child’s first day to examine our ingredients and food products to assure you that your allergy issues are just as important to us as they are to you! As always, gluten free dining options are available daily.