Qualities of Successful Day Camp Mentors

Qualities of Successful Day Camp Mentors

Mentors play a significant role in campers at summer day camp. They’re the ones who spend most of their time helping campers, making sure they put on sunscreen, getting to their scheduled activities, and offering support and encouragement when they’re nervous about trying something new. One thing we pride ourselves on here at Frogbridge Day Camp is having the most mature and experienced team of mentors and teachers in the country available for our campers. 

A question that we often hear from both parents and prospective mentors is what qualities we look for when we hire our Frogbridge mentors. Some people might think that all camp mentors have to be loud and bubbly with lots of energy. While these personality traits can be charming in some, they don’t describe all of the amazing people who serve in the Mentor role.

Each day camp mentor is unique with their own set of personality traits that make them perfect for our team. However, over the years, there have been specific quality traits that stand out when we hire our Frogbridge day camp mentors.

1. Mentors are positive role models

As a day camp mentor, all eyes are on you. Campers young and old are watching how you handle other campers, camp teachers, and even when you think they’re not paying attention. Kids are incredibly observant. Day camp mentors must be aware of this fact and take this responsibility of being a role model seriously. When they get upset, do they get angry? When they’re happy, do they celebrate? However mentors act, many young campers will mimic that behavior. Being a positive role model is key to being a successful mentor.

2. Mentors have grit

Day camp can be a lot of fun for campers and mentors alike. But it can also be stressful for those in charge. To be a promising day camp mentor, you have to have grit and roll with the punches. A thunderstorm might interfere with the big plans for the Color War “Break,” or an activity or special event may not go off as planned, and you have to alter plans for everyone. Mentors with grit work through any setbacks, keeping a positive attitude and figuring out how to make the best of any situation. They might not be thrilled about having to reschedule activities and assignments, but they make the best of the situation and do it with a smile on their face.

3. Mentors are focused on the campers

We all know that summer day camp is fun – for kids and kids-at-heart. The most successful day camp mentors, however, don’t come to Frogbridge thinking about all the fun that they’ll have. Instead, they’re thinking about the difference that they’ll make in so many kids’ experiences at day camp. Everyone wants to try Toadally Tubing and our 500-foot zip line! But if that’s the main reason for becoming a mentor, then we have to dig deeper. We want our mentors at Frogbridge to provide a fun experience and invest in the lives of the kids who come. Everything else is a bonus.

4. Mentors are hard-working

Being a day camp mentor can undoubtedly be fun, but mentors can work hard too. You can’t be a successful day camp mentor and be lazy. When you’re a day camp mentor, you’re staying active from early morning to early evening – sometimes later. When mentors slack off, campers don’t get the experience they deserve. The best day camp mentors give it their all to each activity and assignment, to provide the best experience for the campers.

5. Most of all, mentors are responsible

This should go without saying – but being responsible is essential for any successful day camp mentor. Frogbridge mentors have a huge responsibility. They have to be sure campers stay safe throughout daily programs and activities, eat a healthy lunch, stay hydrated, and have a good time throughout the entire experience. When mentors act carelessly, the outcomes can be dangerous. That’s one risk we aren’t willing to take.

Mentors Make a Difference at Frogbridge Day Camp

There are many extraordinary qualities that successful day camp mentors possess. They’re creative, compassionate, silly, flexible, and kind. Most of all, they care about making a difference in the lives of children. If you’re considering sending your child to summer camp, you can rest assured in knowing that Frogbridge Day Camp hires wonderful people as mentors and teachers for our campers. We are proud to offer Frogbridge day campers the most mature and experienced team of mentors and teachers in the country with the highest staff to camper ratio in the industry. It’s all part of what makes us stand out, something that we call the Frogbridge Difference.

If you think you have what it takes to be a successful Frogbridge Day Camp mentor, please check out our Work at Frogbridge page to learn more. Or, if you’re a parent and want to visit Frogbridge Day Camp and take a personal tour before the upcoming day camp season, please complete an online contact form to schedule your tour, or call us today at (609) 438-8275.

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