The Frogbridge Day Camp Mission

Simply put, our Mission Statement is “Children First”!
Our primary goal is to provide Frogbridge campers with a happy, healthy and rewarding summer camp experience in a safe environment. A child’s camping experience plays a very important role in his or her maturation. Frogbridge campers will gain self-esteem and self-confidence, learn from new experiences, make new friends and create memories that will last a lifetime! .

A Unique Experience

Our programs are designed to give each child, ages 3 through 15, a unique camping experience. Having campers make lifelong friends is our goal! Frogbridge is not only noted for its comprehensive programs and magnificent facilities, but also for it’s outstanding, mature and experienced staff members.

Our Team

Our Leadership Team, which is comprised solely of highly dedicated professionals, has many years of teaching and camping experience. It is our belief that communication with our camper’s parents is paramount. For this reason, these division leaders, along with our  Camp Director, are available throughout the summer to keep you abreast of your child’s summer. They will be happy to meet with you, discuss your child’s summer and even provide you with a personal tour on most camp days! 

All Camp Divisions 3 years of age through the third grade will be led by licensed teachers and experienced adult camping professionals. Campers in the fourth through 8th grades are led by experienced collegiate counselors. Most of our collegiate counselors are elementary and secondary education majors. All 9th and 10th grade travel campers are also led by licensed teachers with years of camping experience. 

Our Team Membersare among the most highly qualified and experienced professionals managing children today. Specially trained to meet the varying needs of all age groups, the Frogbridge Staff Team extends to its campers the caring, the warmth, and the knowledge that together create a wonderful and un”frog”ettable summer experience! 

We have devoted our lives to the teaching and nurturing of not only our own children, but also each and every camper that has been entrusted to us over the last few decades. We have set the highest standards for the Frogbridge facility as well as its programs and staff. Our continuing objective is to keep up with the current needs of today’s child and to offer the finest camp environment possible.

Community & Outreach

“Campers Helping Kids” is our very own program designed to teach campers how they can make a difference in the life of a needy child by raising funds or collecting toys, food or clothing for those children less fortunate than themselves. One such example is during our annual Frogtoberfest event at our Annual Halloween Toy Drive. Frogbridge campers and families also work very hard to raise money each summer during our ”Hop and Bop-a-thon”, where all proceeds are collected and donated to purchase much needed equipment and supplies for organizations such as the Pediatric Cancer Foundation and the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation, among others. We are very much dedicated to helping those in need in our local communities.


Frogbridge is proud to be an American Camp Association Accredited Camp, and exceeds the highest recognized standards for health, safety, staff training, program quality and transportation.

Interested in joining us this summer?