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How Art and Creativity Aid Your Child’s Development

Art and creativity play a significant role in your child’s early development. Many children use art as a form of expression, with various types of art revealing children’s thoughts, interests, and feelings. In fact, many children communicate ideas through dance and bodily expression. If parents learn how to interpret their child’s artistic language, they can glimmer into their child’s inner world.

While art and creativity are beneficial to children at any age, early childhood is the most advantageous stage to teach artistic disciplines. Studies show that participating in creative and artistic activities when children are young helps them learn other subjects like math and reading. Children also easily retain information when they’re young as their brain soaks up new information like sponges. That’s why at Frogbridge Day Camp, we focus on including a variety of creative and artistic activities for children starting at age three.

Literature Enhances Children’s Cognitive Skills

Learning to love reading as an adult isn’t easy. Most adults who enjoy reading every day usually read often as a child. There are few experiences in the world that are so enriching as reading to your children. When you read stories to your child, it enhances many cognitive skills, such as:

  • Language
  • Imagination
  • Memory

Books and stories can transport a young mind to a new world, so reading feels more fun than a chore. As a parent, if you share stories with your child from a young age, combining books into their free time when they’re older will be much easier. Your child will no doubt learn how to read at school, but they must also read at home for this ability to truly develop.

Painting & Drawing Develops a Child’s Personality

Learning how to paint and draw at a young age plays a significant role in a child’s maturity and personality development. These tasks advance excellent motor skills, creativity, reading, writing, and self-esteem. Many children express their emotions and how they’re feeling through their paintings and drawings before they speak about them.

To inspire your child’s inherent creativity, allow your child opportunities at home to paint and draw. Whether your child leans toward paints, clays, or crayons, provide the necessary materials so they can let their imagination run free. To create outside the box, let your child play with materials other than paper, like cardboard, canvases, chalkboards, or even chalk on the outdoor sidewalk!

Theatre Teaches Important Values

When children are involved in theatre, they use their imagination to put themselves in another character’s shoes. It helps them think about how others might feel in experiences vastly different from their own, teaching children respect, empathy, and open-mindedness. Bodily expression and social interaction found in theatre help children learn to carry themselves with confidence as they grow.

At Frogbridge Day Camp, children can participate in a variety of performing arts activities that includes a show unlike any other through our TheatreWorks program. Letting children’s imaginations soar using bodily expression in theatre helps children express themselves. Maria Montessori, the famous philosopher and educator, has noted:

“Imagination does not become great until human beings, given the courage and the strength, use it to create.”

Explore Creative & Performing Arts at Frogbridge Day Camp

At Frogbridge Day Camp, we focus on fostering children’s artistic and creative sides with a variety of creative and performing arts, like painting, ceramics, arts & crafts, drama, and more. We invite you to discover all the educational, fun, and exciting activities we offer children young and old alike by visiting and seeing for yourself the Frogbridge Difference. We offer daily personal tours throughout the year! Complete an online contact form or call our office at (609) 438-8275 to schedule yours today!

Pros and Cons of Limiting Screen Time for Your Kids

We all do our best to limit the amount of screen time our kids have. The Mayo Clinic suggests that children under the age of 2 should have no screen time, children between 2 and 12 can have an hour of screen time a day, and teens and young adults can have up to two hours. Many parents, however, wonder about the benefits of limiting kids’ screen time. We’ve broken down the pros and cons of restricting screen time for your children.

Pro: Children Will Have Time for Other Activities

By placing a strict limit on how much time your kids can spend on screens, they’ll have plenty of time for other activities such as reading and exercising. Children should spend less time glued to their screens and more time outdoors playing with friends.

Con: Kids Need Screen Time for School

This is especially true now, with most kids learning remotely. They have to be online for their education, so try not to hold their school screen time against their personal time. Whenever they have a break, such as for lunch or recess, turn off the computer and read or go for a walk.

Pro: Good Eyes and Fewer Headaches

Staring at a screen for too long can have negative effects on our eyesight. After a few hours of mindless scrolling, we may start squinting or feeling headaches. Chances are your kids will feel better and have healthier eyes by limiting screen time.

Con: Jealousy of Older Siblings

As kids age, it becomes harder to limit their screen time, especially for teenagers. But giving free reign to your teens and limiting tech time for your younger ones could cause kids to be jealous of their older siblings. If you start to see them become angry, talk to them and explain how you want them to have enough time in the day to play outside and be with friends.

Pro: Awareness of Their Surroundings

It’s tempting to scroll through Twitter or read text messages while waiting in line at the grocery store or for your food to be ready, but if you’re not paying enough attention, you may not know what’s happening around you. Limiting screen time for kids will get them in the habit of being more aware of their surroundings, thus protecting their safety.

Con: The Internet Is Great for Learning

While it’s not great to spend your entire day looking at a screen, the internet is a fantastic learning opportunity for your children. Kids can play learning development games that teach them math, English, science, or other languages. By limiting their screen time, you might be limiting their ability to learn.

Steps to Take When Allowing Screen Time

While screen time in moderation can be beneficial, there are steps you must take to ensure your child is safe both from both strangers on the internet and vision strain from the screen itself. Some of these steps include:

  • Avoiding screens at night: Blue light from smartphones and tablets affects how our body produces melatonin, the hormone that makes us tired. Too much screen time at night can see your child up for hours past their bedtime.
  • Supervising your children: There’s content on the internet and app stores that’s not appropriate for children, which is why it’s always important to keep an eye on their search history. You should also set a password so your children can’t download every app they see.

Partaking in a few of these simple steps can significantly increase your child’s safety and well-being when it comes to screen time.

Turn Off the Screens at Frogbridge Day Camp

After an abnormal year filled with screen time as a result of remote learning, put the phones, laptops, and tablets away and sign your kids up for a summer at Frogbridge Day Camp! Across our 86 acres, campers can enjoy various outdoor activities like fishing, archery, and swimming.

If you’ve never experienced the wonders of our camp, we encourage you to book a private tour. We’re following all proper government guidelines, including social distancing and requiring face coverings when visiting our camp. Call (609) 795-7209 or complete a contact form to schedule your tour today!

Five Activities to Do with Your Kids During Christmas Break

Winter break is typically best spent traveling to see family and friends or celebrating with a fun Christmas family vacation. However, a trip away may not be in the works for your family this year. During the holidays, don’t despair when these uncertain times leave you with a house full of bored kids. There are plenty of ways to take full advantage of your break—you may just have to get a little creative! Use these five original activities to keep both you and your children busy, sane, and accomplished this holiday season. Whether you’re working from home or not, these are activities you’ll surely want to carve out time to enjoy with your kids. No need to worry—spending the Christmas break at home can be productive, meaningful, and memorable for the whole family.

Decorate Your Home with All Things Jolly

There’s no better way to spruce up your home and occupy your kids’ time than with decorating. When your kids get to be a part of the decoration process, it’s almost guaranteed that they’ll get pumped up for the holidays. Who knows, it may end up becoming a Christmas tradition for you and your family. Plus, Christmas decorations don’t have to be expensive, and you can even spread the jolly into their bedrooms. For ideas on how to decorate your home, Christmas tree, and stockings, check out these simple Christmas arts and crafts for kids!

Cook and Bake: The More the Merrier!

Cooking or baking is a great way to keep your kids entertained come Christmas time. This doesn’t mean you have to make gourmet meals, but you can show them how to make your favorite holiday dishes and desserts. Not only will this get them cooking at a young age, but it will also instill comfort and happiness with food and the holidays. It’s the perfect time to bond and share family recipes or stories while preparing something delicious for your family to enjoy. Of course, kids love making a mess and mixing all sorts of things together, but we’re sure their favorite part will be seeing the masterpiece they helped create. Look over these easy Christmas recipes for you and your kids to make:
  • Chocolate dipped candy canes or pretzels
  • Homemade hot chocolate
  • White chocolate–covered Chex mix and cereal
  • Gingerbread cookies and houses
  • Red and green mashed potatoes
  • Candy cane shaped pizza

Wrap and Make Gifts Together

Gift-giving is so special, especially when it’s homemade and unique. Receiving a gift from a kid is even more heartfelt. Whether your kids want to make gifts for their friends, grandparents, cousins, or other family members, all you need is some construction paper, markers, crayons, and colored pencils. There’s not much else to it! They can even repurpose some old things laying around the house, such as picture frames or shoe boxes. If you bought gifts, you can have your kids help wrap them or even make custom wrapping paper.

Participate in Local Christmas Activities and Events

Christmas-time snow calls for outdoor fun and adventures. Gather up your skis, snow tubes, and sleds for an action-packed day in the cold. End the night with a warm cup of hot cocoa and smores. Load your family in the car and drive around the neighborhood to see the Christmas lights and decorations. Drive to town to go pick out a Christmas tree together. Or, perhaps your town is hosting safe and socially distanced events for the community. Whatever the case, many of these activities are only around for the season, so don’t miss out!

Watch Your Favorite Christmas Movies

Watching Christmas movies is the ultimate way to indulge in the holiday spirit without breaking the bank. If your kids have their favorite Christmas movies, pick out a few and watch them on the weekend while enjoying some of the freshly baked meals you made together. Or, you can share some of the Christmas movies you watched as a child. Luckily, there are tons of Christmas movies to choose from. Some of the best Christmas movies for you and your family to watch, both traditional and modern-day classics, include:
  • Home Alone
  • A Christmas Story
  • Elf
  • How the Grinch Stole Christmas
  • Frosty the Snowman
  • The Polar Express
  • The Nightmare Before Christmas

Countdown to a Summer Spent at Frogbridge Day Camp

Christmas time is almost here! Before you know it, the next major event your child will be counting down to is the summer vacation season. Unfortunately, planning activities with your child for three long months is not an easy undertaking. Why not let an experienced summer day camp take over for you? Don’t miss out on the chance to give your child the best summer ever at Frogbridge Day Camp in Millstone Township, New Jersey. Frogbridge Day Camp is the best of summer day camps in Central New Jersey, complete with indoor and outdoor activities designed to give your child the opportunity of a lifetime. We’ve begun 2021 summer day camp registration and tours, so when you’re ready, come discover the Frogbridge Difference today by calling (609) 208-9050 or completing a contact form.

How to Host a Kid-Friendly Thanksgiving

Hosting a Thanksgiving dinner is stressful. People wake up at the crack of dawn to start cooking the turkey, all while trying to prepare the sides that need to be ready a few hours later. Add a few children into the mix, and the scene could easily make even a world-class chef overwhelmed. Here are few tips for hosting a kid-friendly Thanksgiving, with everything from picky-eater-approved foods to keeping the kids entertained.

Serve Kid-Friendly Foods

There’s no denying that kids are picky eaters. After an entire morning and afternoon of playing, they may not be in the mood to try unfamiliar foods. With so many delicious items like turkey, potatoes, and stuffing, kids may just want a simple peanut butter and jelly. To keep with the holiday, cut the sandwich into the shape of a turkey. Some other kid-friendly foods to have at your Thanksgiving dinner are:
  • Mac and cheese: Mac and cheese is a classic kids food. Adults love it, too. But when making it for kids, simply make it from a box. Kids love it when the noodles look like their favorite characters.
  • Turkey nuggets: Turkey may not be your kid’s favorite, but chances are you’re cooking one on Thanksgiving. Instead, cut some turkey into small pieces, cover in bread crumbs, and bake.
Making dishes kid-friendly is an easy task. All it takes is a little creativity.

Have a Kids Table

Keep the adults at one table and let the kids have fun at their own table. Place a large sheet of paper on the table, provide crayons or markers, and let the kids color. They’ll finally be able to fulfill their dream of coloring on the table. Plus, it keeps your nice tablecloth mess-free. You can also buy Thanksgiving-themed paper plates to avoid one of your fancier dishes accidentally getting broken.

Kid-Proof Your House

Kid proofing your house will go a long way in creating a kid-friendly environment. Remove anything breakable well before guests start arriving. Close or block off any areas that you don’t want curious kids wandering into.

Keep Kids Entertained

Thanksgiving is a time for family to come together and catch up on everything that happened throughout the year. To children, however, it’s a long, dull day. Keeping them entertained before dinner is critical to ensure they don’t act out. Here are a few ways you can keep your kids busy while dinner is cooking.

Play Games

Before your guests arrive, pick out a few board games for the kids to play. Monopoly, Connect 4, and Candyland are classic games, and the adults can join in on the fun too.

Watch Movies

When inviting your family over, tell them to bring one of their favorite movies. Once everyone arrives, let the kids decide what film they want to watch. Make some popcorn, and they’ll be busy for at least two hours.

Create a Scavenger Hunt

Put together a list of items for kids, or adults, to find throughout the house. Items could be food, decorations, or everyday objects. The person who finds the most by dinner can have first dibs on dessert.

Let Kids Help

A sure-fire way to keep kids entertained is to let them help with the festivities. They can help set the table or stir ingredients with you. You could even trust older kids with cooking a dish or dessert. Children who feel like they have an important role to play are less likely to act out.

Discover the Great Outdoors With Frogbridge Day Camp

While it may be challenging to keep kids entertained during the winter months, it’s easy to keep them entertained during the summer at Frogbridge Day Camp. Across our 86 acres, our campers enjoy fishing, archery, swimming, zip-lining, and rock climbing. If you’ve never experienced the wonders of Frogbridge Day Camp, we invite you to schedule a personal tour. All tours are private, with one family at a time, following all recommended protocols such as social distancing and face coverings. To schedule a Frogbridge Day Camp tour, call our office at (609) 208-9050 or complete our online contact formtoday.

Top Nature Activities to Get Through the Pandemic as a Family

activities to do as a family during pandemic While the school year starts back up the same as it does every year, things aren’t quite back to normal. Sending your kids back to school while COVID-19 continues to spread requires a shift in the way things are done. One thing that makes getting through the pandemic easier is the extra time spent with family and getting outside to enjoy the great outdoors. Nature has a calming effect on adults and children, and few things are more fun than exploring all that nature has to offer together as a family. An increasing number of studies have pointed to the considerable benefits that a good dose of Vitamin-N (for nature) has on the body. Lower stress levels, better focus, a more positive attitude, and more. Below, we lay out some of our top favorite nature activities to help you and your family get through the pandemic—all while social distancing—to help make the best of a difficult situation.

5 Nature Activities to Enjoy as a Family While Social Distancing

1.   Find a Favorite “Sit Spot”

Like it sounds, a sit spot is a place to sit, be still, and observe nature. Leading nature educator, Jon Young, recommends that adults and children discover a special place outside, whether it’s under your favorite tree in the backyard, in your garden, or a nearby creek. You can get all the benefits that nature has to offer without spending a dime. All you need is some time to reap the benefits of connecting with nature and reducing that sense of isolation. A sit spot could mean building a den, fort, treehouse, or any place that could help boost creativity and provide an outdoor comfort zone for kids.

2.   Camp Out in the Backyard

You can still get the sense of adventure from sleeping under the stars or in a tent without leaving home! If you don’t have a tent, try getting extra imaginative by having the kids make their own tent with poles, sticks, and blankets. Urge them to stay outside as much as possible for the night and only go inside when necessary. Break out some binoculars or a telescope to turn the backyard into an observatory—watch birds and bats as the sun goes down, or see if you can spot your favorite constellations. Don’t have a backyard? Try pitching a hammock or blowing up an air mattress on your porch to provide the same change of scenery close to the outdoors that your kids will surely love.

3.   Plant or Adopt a Family or Friendship Tree

Whether you live in a densely populated city or a quiet, rural neighborhood, you can plant a tree or adopt one on a special occasion and watch it grow together. Planting trees is not only good for the environment, but nurturing nature sends a positive message to kids. Watch how much growth can come with a little time and care, and keep track of the changes through notes and pictures every week. It can be something special to share as both the tree and your kids grow over the years.

4.   Go on a Hike or Exercise Outside

While national parks may not be the best option to maintain safe social distancing, there are plenty of scenic, less-crowded trails to hike in New Jersey that the whole family will enjoy. Nature parks closer to home will have fewer visitors and still offer the excitement of getting out of the house along with a healthy Vitamin-D dose. Adding games to your family hikes is an excellent way to help younger kids get excited about hitting the trail. For example, you can try playing “Walk this Way” by imitating different animals along your hike or bring walkie talkies to pretend you’re on a jungle exploration. Encourage leadership skills by having your children take turns leading the hike, walking in front, and setting the pace.

5.   Watch Wildlife Up Close Through a Lens

On the days when you can’t get outside to enjoy the great outdoors, you can still have a taste online. The National Conservation Training Center and the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service have an eagle cam to watch live footage of a bald eagle’s nest up close and personal that’s truly remarkable. You can find various online nature cams to watch birds, dolphins, panda bears, and many other animals through different aquariums, zoos, and wildlife refuges throughout the country. Even though it’s through a lens, watching live animals in their habitat can spark your and your kids’ creativity and imagination!

86 Acres of the Great Outdoors at Central New Jersey’s Frogbridge Day Camp

At Frogbridge Day Camp, there are countless outdoor activities for every child’s interests across our 86-acre facility. We are proud to offer activities not commonly found elsewhere, from traditional sports to adventure sports, arts, crafts, and aquatics. If you’ve never experienced the wonders of Frogbridge Day Camp, we invite you to book a private tour for you and your family to explore our facility. Tours are private for one family at a time to keep safe social distances, and all safety protocols are followed. We would love the opportunity to welcome your family to ours! Call our office to schedule your tour today at 609-208-9050 or complete our contact form online.

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