What Your Child Can Learn at Frogbridge Day Camp

What Your Child Can Learn at Frogbridge Day Camp

With the end of the school year quickly approaching, many parents are considering the option of sending their children to summer day camp for the months between classes. If you have the means and opportunity to do so, studies show that sending your child to day camp comes with many added benefits. The American Camp Association describes day camp as an enrichment to children’s lives, which aligns with the history and purpose of summer day camps in America. What began as a fad in the early 1900s for boys to spend time in the outdoors quickly evolved into a stage in childhood that girls and boys both look forward to.

There’s no denying that summer day camp is packed full of benefits for children. At Frogbridge Day Camp, we pride ourselves in offering the safest environment with the most diverse range of activities – all of which are tailor-made for the growing camper. From Pre-K to 10th grade, when you send your children to Frogbridge, you’ll be astonished at what they’ll learn.

Frogbridge Features a Variety of Special Interest Activities for Campers

During the school year, schedules are packed with little opportunity for children to discover new interests between homework, family time, and extracurricular activities. When they go to summer camp, the possibilities are endless for finding new talents and interests.

Campers at Frogbridge Day Camp get to try new activities, return to those they already love or discover new interests and find where their natural talents lie, with a variety of activities for campers to choose from. We call these options “Clubs” or “electives”.

Some of the most favorite elective activities at Frogbridge Day Camp include:

  • Drama Center
  • Arts n’ Crafts
  • Computers
  • Sports such as Archery, Soccer and Laser Tag
  • Cooking

We’ve seen first-hand at Frogbridge how developing these interests results in higher self-esteem for children as they figure out what they enjoy and what they’re good at. That knowledge can give high-schoolers the advantage of being better prepared for graduation with a sharper understanding of what they want to do for the rest of their lives.

Children Learn How to Better Communicate at Summer Camp

Campers at Frogbridge Day Camp learn to exercise and work on their communication and social skills while they interact with other children during team activities. Team activities require campers to think strategically and work together to win games and challenges. There’s usually much more time at summer camp to work on these social and communication skills than what the time allowed during the school year. At day camp, campers start learning while they’re young how to unplug and socialize with each other the old-fashioned way – by playing games and having fun!

For example, the annual Color War is the pinnacle of the summer season at Frogbridge Day Camp. Campers team up in two groups – Green and Gold – and compete in games and contests for the ultimate title as winners of the Battle at the Bridge. For three days, campers face off in more than 50 activities throughout our 86-acre resort and compete while focusing on and gaining much needed points by showing fair play and teamwork.

Campers Show Increased Independence When They Go to Frogbridge Day Camp

While at Frogbridge Day Camp, campers learn how to care for themselves and manage their interests in multiple activities happening throughout the day without their parents reminding them. That helps kids grow by learning how to make new friends, get their meals during lunch hour, and take care of the personal belongings that they bring with them to camp. With the added safety benefit of teachers and camp counselors available whenever they might be needed, this gives children the chance to spread their wings while feeling supported by others.

Frogbridge Campers Learn About the Importance of Community Service

Throughout childhood, kids learn that it’s good to help others and to do good deeds. When children come to Frogbridge, they see the difference that their good deeds provide to local communities by participating in our “Campers Helping Kids” program. Some of the organizations that our campers have helped through this program include: 

  • Pediatric Cancer Foundation 
  • Juvenile Diabetes Foundation (JFRF)
  • Lymphoma & Leukemia Society

Children can also participate in our annual Halloween event, called the Frogtoberfest. This not-so-spooky event is focused on donating toys to families in need for the upcoming holiday season. These interactions are all part of the Frogbridge philosophy of making a difference in a child’s life. When you send your children to Frogbridge Day Camp, they get to become an integral part of positive change. 

Discover All That Your Child Can Learn at Frogbridge Day Camp! 

As you weigh whether you want to send your children to day camp, we invite you to come and check out Frogbridge for yourself! Bring your child and see for yourself what sets Frogbridge Day Camp apart from all the rest. We offer daily personal tours throughout the year. 

Complete a contact form online or give our main office a call today to schedule your visit at (609) 438-8275.

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