A simple tour to Frogbridge will show you how spectacular our 86-acre resort like facility actually is.

A conversation with our Owner, Frank and Director, J.R. will show you just how passionate they are about the family owned and operated business they are proud to call their own.

Yet, the Frogbridge Experience would not be attainable if it were not for the experienced, enthusiastic, and dedicated individuals we are proud to call Team Frogbridge. By registering your child at Frogbridge, you are making a personal choice to have your child(ren) cared for and supervised by the most mature and experienced camp team in the area. We are honored and privileged that you would consider our family to care for your family! The following are a few things you should know about Team Frogbridge that may assist you as you make the all important decision of exactly who will be caring for your child(ren) this summer.

As you can clearly see below, the reputation that we have achieved over the years has as much to do with our incredibly experienced, mature and talented staff as it does our state of the art facility, and our fully dedicated and compassionate Owner and Director.

If you have the slightest concerns at any time, we are always available, here for you, our parents and campers…the single most important reason we exist today! As always, all Frogbridge employees are personally interviewed by our Director, J.R. A background check is performed, and three letters of reference, as well as a personal conversation with a former employer, teacher or coach are conducted.

Pre-K and Kindergarten

Each group of 12-14 Pre-K or Kindergarten campers is led by a fully-licensed teacher. By their side throughout the summer, are experienced adult assistants as well as an assistant counselor, most of which have graduated from the Frogbridge C.I.T. Program.

First Graders

Each group of 14-16 first graders is led by a fully Licensed Teacher and a Collegiate Counselor currently studying elementary education.

Second and Third Graders

Each group of 16 second and third graders is led by a fully Licensed Teacher and assisted by assistant counselors, most of which have graduated from the Frogbridge C.I.T Program.

Fourth Through Seventh Graders

Each group of 16-20 fourth through seventh graders is led by experienced Collegiate Counselors, many of which are currently studying elementary education, and assisted by assistant counselors, most of which have graduated from the Frogbridge C.I.T Program.

Eighth grade Travel

Each group of eighth grade travel campers is led by at least 2 experienced teachers or Collegiate Counselors, and supervised at all times by a fully Licensed Teacher, both on and off site.

C.I.T. and Teen Travel Campers

C.I.T and Teen Travel Campers are led only by fully Licensed Teachers and significantly experienced camp personnel. Interested in becoming a C.I.T? Learn some of our tips for C.I.T’s.

Camp Nurses

Meet Our Camp Moms

Our on-site infirmary is led by two experienced, registered nurses that act as our “Camp Moms,” creating an environment where children know they will be well cared for and kept extremely comfortable while getting the finest care in the camping industry. Our camp team also includes several Emergency Medical Technicians (E.M.T’s), and many staff members highly trained in First Aid and CPR.

Frogbridge is proud to provide our campers with a beautiful, fully appointed and air conditioned Infirmary. We are very much aware of the high number of severely allergic children in our area and are happy to provide you with all of the comfort and confidence needed to put your mind at ease as your child(ren) enjoy a carefree summer of fun with us.

Allergy Awareness

Our staff are trained in how to handle and assist the highly allergic camper. We are known as Central New Jersey’s premier “nut aware” summer camp. Our nurses and staff members will go to great lengths to ensure the well being of our campers. A few moments spent with our camp staff will show you just how serious and dedicated we are to helping those campers in need of special medical assistance.

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