How to Host a Kid-Friendly Thanksgiving

Hosting a Thanksgiving dinner is stressful. People wake up at the crack of dawn to start cooking the turkey, all while trying to prepare the sides that need to be ready a few hours later. Add a few children into the mix, and the scene could easily make even a world-class chef overwhelmed. Here are few tips for hosting a kid-friendly Thanksgiving, with everything from picky-eater-approved foods to keeping the kids entertained.

Serve Kid-Friendly Foods

There’s no denying that kids are picky eaters. After an entire morning and afternoon of playing, they may not be in the mood to try unfamiliar foods. With so many delicious items like turkey, potatoes, and stuffing, kids may just want a simple peanut butter and jelly. To keep with the holiday, cut the sandwich into the shape of a turkey. Some other kid-friendly foods to have at your Thanksgiving dinner are:
  • Mac and cheese: Mac and cheese is a classic kids food. Adults love it, too. But when making it for kids, simply make it from a box. Kids love it when the noodles look like their favorite characters.
  • Turkey nuggets: Turkey may not be your kid’s favorite, but chances are you’re cooking one on Thanksgiving. Instead, cut some turkey into small pieces, cover in bread crumbs, and bake.
Making dishes kid-friendly is an easy task. All it takes is a little creativity.

Have a Kids Table

Keep the adults at one table and let the kids have fun at their own table. Place a large sheet of paper on the table, provide crayons or markers, and let the kids color. They’ll finally be able to fulfill their dream of coloring on the table. Plus, it keeps your nice tablecloth mess-free. You can also buy Thanksgiving-themed paper plates to avoid one of your fancier dishes accidentally getting broken.

Kid-Proof Your House

Kid proofing your house will go a long way in creating a kid-friendly environment. Remove anything breakable well before guests start arriving. Close or block off any areas that you don’t want curious kids wandering into.

Keep Kids Entertained

Thanksgiving is a time for family to come together and catch up on everything that happened throughout the year. To children, however, it’s a long, dull day. Keeping them entertained before dinner is critical to ensure they don’t act out. Here are a few ways you can keep your kids busy while dinner is cooking.

Play Games

Before your guests arrive, pick out a few board games for the kids to play. Monopoly, Connect 4, and Candyland are classic games, and the adults can join in on the fun too.

Watch Movies

When inviting your family over, tell them to bring one of their favorite movies. Once everyone arrives, let the kids decide what film they want to watch. Make some popcorn, and they’ll be busy for at least two hours.

Create a Scavenger Hunt

Put together a list of items for kids, or adults, to find throughout the house. Items could be food, decorations, or everyday objects. The person who finds the most by dinner can have first dibs on dessert.

Let Kids Help

A sure-fire way to keep kids entertained is to let them help with the festivities. They can help set the table or stir ingredients with you. You could even trust older kids with cooking a dish or dessert. Children who feel like they have an important role to play are less likely to act out.

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