Frogbridge Camper Vaughn Staiger Returns To Camp As A Team Member

Here at Frogbridge Day Camp, one of the things that we’re most grateful for is being able to watch so many children grow up. Seeing children go from their very first day in Tadpole Village to their bridge crossing during their CIT summer and then off to their first staff meeting is such an incredibly rewarding process!

In 2006 Vaughn Staiger started her first day of camp when she was only three years old. Thirteen years later, she is returning for the first time as a Frogbridge team member! Vaughn is one of the many examples of the lasting connections our campers have with Frogbridge, and like all of our campers, we are so proud to have her!

We caught up with Vaughn, so parents and campers alike can learn from her life-long experience with Frogbridge and how it has shaped her into the incredible young adult and now the official team member she is today.

How Do You Think Your CIT Year Prepared You For Your First Summer As A Team Member?

I did a lot my CIT year! My counselors trusted me with a lot so I was able to really learn.

Fun Fact: The Frogbridge Day Cam Staff is comprised of teachers, professionals, and only the most trusted of individuals to care for the children.

How Has Frogbridge Shaped You As A Person And Your Friendships?

I definitely wouldn’t have the friends I have today without Frogbridge. Some of my best friends today I made at camp when I was three years old and I’m sixteen now. That’s thirteen years of friendships because of Frogbridge! I feel like I’ve learned to be so much more accepting because even though you stay with your tight-knit group from Tadpole, new campers were always coming into the group. So, you were constantly meeting new people and making new friends. Being at camp and growing up at this camp taught me how to grow my friendships and more importantly maintain them as well as accept new friendships into my life.

Overall, it’s changed me. I don’t know what I’d do if I didn’t have Frogbridge. I mean, the first memory I have ever is from Frogbridge. I was three years old and walking into camp and meeting my teachers and counselors.

What Are You Most Excited About This Summer At Frogbridge?

The kids! I love little kids and I’m so excited! I know it’s going to be different than last year when I was a CIT but just walking in, in the mornings and seeing the kids and having them run over to me, there’s no greater feeling.

As cheesy as it sounds, I’m just so excited to be a part of this team. This is going to be my thirteenth summer and for twelve years I’ve just been looking forward to this— and it’s finally here! It’s been my dream since I was a little kid and it just feels like my three year old Tadpole wish is being fulfilled.

From all the staff at Frogbridge, we are so excited and proud to have Vaughn on our team this summer, and we look forward to many more!

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