Meet Frank Pugliese Sr., Owner of Frogbridge Daycamp

Staff Spotlight: Frank Pugliese Sr., Owner & Founder of Frogbridge Day Camp 

It takes a special kind of person to create a children’s wonderland in their own hometown right here in New Jersey amidst the competitive edge of other, common, business pursuits happening in this state. ”A man in business, not a businessman”, is how you will find him describe himself and for those that know him well, they would certainly agree.  Frank Pugliese, the owner of Frogbridge says that the most rewarding aspect of his work is witnessing how his creation brings joy to children. Throughout the years, Frogbridge has had changes and additions to the camp, but one thing Frank is proud that has always remained the same is the love and nurturing the entire staff extends to the children.  

Impacting the lives of children has always been the favorite part of his job, and he keeps up with their every need by doing the most simple thing: he listens to what the children say. And it works! Campers feel so appreciated here that they often come back as counselors and teachers to work for us as adults. What makes Frank feel most wonderful though, is when the kids that he watched grow up return to Frogbridge for their weddings, such is the bond that campers have with Frogbridge.  

Frank became a grandpa again on February 22, 2018 with the birth of his youngest grandson, Christian. He is over the moon to welcome him to the Frogbridge family, and watch him grow alongside his three other grandkids, Anthony, Isabella and Vincent. Frank and his son, JR, the camp’s director, are excited to see what the future holds for the newest generation of Frogbridge campers, and look forward to making the camp a place with even more smiles. 

Frank’s Vision For The Future of Frogbridge Day Camp 

For Frank, the future of Frogbridge is more of the same, but perfecting all the moving parts that come with a camp, as well as working to better understand campers and teach them valuable social skills. 

“I think the future is very, very bright. We will constantly be adding new activities and events, and that will never stop. We will keep teaching the kids to respect each other while giving them a place where they feel safe. We want the children to be happy coming in but even happier going home.” –Frank Pugliese Sr. 

Frank is just one example of the devotion the Frogbridge Day Camp staff shows their campers. Their camp team is comprised of the most attentive and skilled professionals, with most of our staff primarily men and women who teach children for a living during the academic year.  

At Frogbridge, we are always available to answer any of your questions to make you feel that your child is in safe, respectful, and fun environment. Please feel free to contact us at anytime. Make sure you say hello to Frank when you stop by! 

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