Summer Day Camp Near Toms River, NJ

Looking for Summer Day Camps Near Toms River, NJ?

Parents in Toms River, NJ are thrilled to find Central New Jersey’s most remarkable summer camps for kids at Frogbridge Day Camp! A short hop down Ocean County 571 brings Toms River families to the front gates of Frogbridge, where all the fun begins.

Frogbridge Day Camp is a magnificent 86-acre venue filled with activities and excitement for campers ages 3-15. Our mission has remained the same since our doors opened in 1999, and that is “children first”. Nothing is more important to us than providing a fun and safe environment for campers to learn and grow in their social and personal development. A simple stroll around our campus when summer camps in session is all you need to see that campers have the time of their lives when they come to Frogbridge.

Families in Toms River return Frogbridge year after year because of our dedication to being open and transparent in all that we do. Our goal at Frogbridge is to build long-lasting and healthy relationships with our clients, campers, parents, and families. Our summer day camp in NJ welcome parents to stop by and visit their kids whenever they’d like to say hello and see what they’re up to while at camp. As a family-owned and operated day camp, we’re happy to make ourselves available all year long to answer questions, give personal tours, and support new and returning families in any way possible.

How Is Our Summer Day Camp in Toms River Beneficial for Kids?

Our summer camp fro kids in NJ comes with many advantages for the development of kids. Along with many other benefits, parents discover a stronger sense of self-confidence and leadership abilities in their kids after they spend the summer with us at Frogbridge Day Camp. According to the American Camp Association, two critical statistics demonstrate why summer camp is essential for kids:

  • 96% of summer campers say that camp helped them make new friends
  • 92% say that summer camp helped them feel good about themselves

Campers also learn many life skills while at camp, like how to play on a team, socialize with their peers, and problem-solve while at camp. When Frogbridge opened more than 20 years ago, our founders had these benefits for children in mind. Over the years, we’ve seen our campers develop:

  • Lifelong friendships
  • Raised self-confidence
  • Strong leadership abilities
  • And active and healthy lifestyles.

All of these benefits keep the minds of children stimulated during the summer months. When children return to school in the fall, those who spent time at summer camp are more prepared and confident as they go into the new year.

Why Do Parents in Toms River, NJ Prefer Frogbridge Day Camp?

Many of these benefits can indeed be attained at a variety of day camps across New Jersey. But there’s a reason why parents in Toms River prefer Frogbridge – something that we like to call “The Frogbridge Difference.”  At our Toms River summer day camp, we promise to offer your children the finest camping experience possible at rates comparable to all the others.

Care & Supervision

One Frogbridge feature that parents in Toms River appreciate is our dedication to only hiring fully licensed and accredited New Jersey state teachers for ALL groups in Pre-K to 3rd grade, as well as 9th and 10th grade high school groups as well. Collegiate Education Majors lead campers from 4th to 8th grade under the supervision of our licensed teachers. We pride ourselves in having the highest staff to camper ratio in the industry with the most knowledgeable and experienced team in the country.

Freshly Prepared Lunches

Frogbridge campers enjoy hot and freshly prepared healthy lunches daily in our fully air-conditioned catering hall. Our culinary experts ensure that food is served at its highest quality and provide safe options to meet all dietary and allergy restrictions for campers. We are proudly a “nut aware” facility and provide the campers with gluten-free options every day.

Other Frogbridge Summer Camp Benefits

A few other benefits that parents love about sending their kids to Frogbridge Day Camp include:

  • Full laundering of camper’s bathing suits and towels
  • Air-conditioned activities & transportation
  • An extremely safe environment.

Frogbridge is an entirely fenced and gated campus with a manned checkpoint at the entrance for the duration of the camp day. All of these benefits, and more, are why parents in Toms River choose Frogbridge year after year. If you are looking for a summer camp near you, make sure to visit Frogbridge Day Camp and enroll your child in our summer camp for kids in NJ

Looking for Summer Camps Near You? Contact Frogbridge Day Camp Today!

If you’re still deciding whether Frogbridge Day Camp is the right choice for your campers at home, we invite you to take the Day Camp Challenge: visit any day camp in Central New Jersey and then visit Frogbridge. It won’t take long to discover what sets us apart from the rest!

Our summer day camp near Tom River would love for you to join us during one of our Open House sessions offered on select weekends throughout the winter. We’re also happy to provide tours at Frogbridge Day Camp for families who missed the open house season to see our remarkable 86-acre campus. To learn more about Frogbridge Day Camp contact us herebook a personal tour, or give us a call today at 609-438-8275.