What’s For Lunch? A Look at Camper Nutrition

Lunch at Frogbridge Day Camp: A Nutritious Experience For All Campers

As a parent, I’m always thinking about what my children eat everyday. For younger campers, it’s especially important that they receive the right nutrients to help them grow from “tadpoles” to “senior” campers. Frogbridge Day Camp prides itself in quality when it comes to the food your children enjoy at camp everyday. Here’s a little bit more information about the people “behind the scenes” creating a delicious and nutritious lunch, along with how we’re able to accommodate food allergies.

Who is the Head Chef?

William Towle is our head chef. He graduated from Johnson & Wales University in Providence, RI with a degree in Culinary Arts/Food and Beverage Management. Before joining the Frogbridge family, Chef Will worked in restaurants and catering establishments throughout New Jersey & New York. In addition to being our head chef, he also helps create menus for corporate events, and weddings, and special occasions that take place at our Frogbridge Picnic Grounds and Windows on the Water, our catering hall. “Providing your children the best of the best is our mission,” Chef Will said. “Preparing meals and snacks to enhance the experience of Frogbridge activities and events will keep our [campers] young minds and bodies striving towards excellence daily.” Chef Will works with nine other chefs to ensure a great culinary experience with each camper’s interest in mind.

What Food is Available Everyday?

Gluten free options are always available, along with a salad bar having various options such as fresh cucumbers, tomatoes, sliced olives, chic peas, and carrots. We also ensure that grilled chicken is available every day for campers. The menu at Frogbridge might change on a weekly basis, but these options above are always available for campers. Each week’s menu is posted on our website, and always revolves around a different theme. You can also find each week’s menu on our Facebook page when camp season starts in June.

What if my Child has Nut Allergies?

Four out of every 100 children have a nut allergy, according to peanutallergy.com. With this in mind, we are a “nut aware” facility. This means that none of the food in our kitchen, or offered throughout the campus, is cooked with peanut oils or other nut products. It is for this reason that Frogbridge has quickly become known as the most allergy friendly camp in the industry, with a total number of campers with food allergies exceeding 150 children. If your child has a severe food allergy to nuts or any other types of food, we’d be happy to schedule a visit to our kitchen to meet with Chef Will personally and review all the ingredients we use and the food products available. At Frogbridge, we want your child to have the best camp experience possible! Simply contact us online or call our office at 609-208-9050, to discuss your child’s allergies so that we can create a unique menu to specifically suit your child’s needs!