How Does Frogbridge Find The Next Great Team Member?

A Search For The Best

There is nothing more important to us than the safety, care, well-being, and happiness of our campers. Before each summer begins, our leadership team searches for new hires that embody the spirit of our camp. On average, we receive approximately 4,000+ applicants to be part of our team! It is only by finding the very best applicants in the state and then training them to be the best they can be, that we can provide our campers with a positive, caring, and happy environment. Here is a step-by-step breakdown of how we find our next great team member.

Part 1: The Application

Candidates can contact us by applying on our website or via a call to our camp office. They will begin their job search by filling out an application, including all previous camp experience as both a camper and a staff member. Teachers and coaches will also include all current and past experience in the fields of education and athletics, while other applicants such as culinary team members, lifeguards, and counselors will provide relevant work experience to support their application.

Part 2: Resume Review & References

I will then personally review each application. Only the most experienced candidates who fit all of our necessary criteria, are asked come to our grounds for an in-person interview.  Approximately 25 percent of all applicants make it this far. The candidates who we are most interested must then go out and secure two professional letters of recommendation and bring them to their interview. We prefer letters of recommendation from former supervisors or directors employed in an educational or summer camp environment. In addition, we require a third reference, which is a telephone reference. This is the most important of the three references because it allows us to ask the questions we feel are most important in helping us find the next great team member. The phone reference must always be the reference that knows the most about, and has worked the closest with the candidate.

Part 3: The Interview

The next step in the hiring process is the formal interview, which I as the camp director personally conduct on our property in Millstone. Each interview begins the moment the candidate walks through the door of the main office. Personality, enthusiasm, and a friendly smile are key factors when considering a new team member. As each interview begins, a series of questions about the following are asked:
  • Applicant’s character.
  • Their experience.
  • Their judgment.
Eye contact, the strength of their answers, and an overall eagerness to truly be a part of the Frogbridge family are important factors considered throughout the interview.

Part 4: A Background Check

For candidates that do well in the interview portion of the hiring process, a background check will be the next step.  For team members that are current teachers, the added benefit is that they have already been fingerprinted and drug tested by their current schools. Transportation Team Members will also need to provide the following:
  • Proof of random drug testing.
  • An up to date CDL license with no previous points or violations.
  • Finger printing from their current companies.
  • Proof of three years professional experience in child transportation.

Part 5: Welcome to Frogbridge!

Once a mutual agreement is made for a candidate to become a team member, all applicants are then required to attend all of our mandatory pre-camp training sessions in the spring. At these sessions, all team members are taught everything they must know and understand in order to be well prepared and be successful. All of our team members must have energy, enthusiasm, and the strong desire to make a difference in the life of a child. Our camp team is comprised primarily of licensed teachers, experienced coaches and adult professionals, along with collegiate counselors, most of which are majoring in the field of education. Interested in joining the Frogbridge Family this summer? Click here to view our current openings along with guidance on how to fill out an application!