10 Things I Love About Frogbridge

Valentine’s Day is here and there is love in the air everywhere you turn. Of course we express love for our family and friends, but also for our favorite memories, places, and things. As I look around and think of all the people, places, and things I love the most, one place quickly comes to mind – Frogbridge Day Camp! In the spirit of the holiday, here are the 10 things I LOVE most about Frogbridge: The Campers Our campers are the reason we exist!  When I look around the camp each and every day everyone is so happy. I’m always sure to see the kids – young and old – smiling, singing, dancing, and playing everywhere I turn. Nothing makes me smile more than seeing our campers having a blast! The Team Members It takes years to put together a championship team, and at Frogbridge we have done just that. From our teachers and counselors to our lifeguards and instructors, and everyone else in between, they all come together to ensure that each camper has nothing short of an exceptional experience. They are the camper’s big brothers and sisters and camp moms and dads, and I couldn’t be prouder of any group of people I have ever met. The Energy The energy here is boundless! It comes from every child, team member, and parent. One thing is for sure, campers better get a good night of sleep before they arrive here in the morning because the energy starts as soon as they get off the bus! The One of a Kind Activities Where else in the world can you find amazing activities like bumper cars, bumper boats, go karts, laser tag, rock climbing with zip lines OVER a lake, and tube rides in a second lake? Oh, and did I mention the Little Fenway Wiffle Ball Stadium, Aqua Dance Club, the Octagon-Championship Gaga Stadium, a 6 thousand square foot field house, and a lakeside catering hall where our campers eat lunch every day? Best of all, EVERY indoor activity is air-conditioned! The Food Camper Nutrition is a top priority. Just spend one week at Frogbridge and you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. The lunches are delicious – with more choices than most restaurants – all made fresh and served hot daily by our amazing culinary team of top chefs. Our lunch program includes daily specials, side dishes, fruits, vegetables, and dozens of alternatives. But it doesn’t end there! We also have many camper favorite activities that involve food, such as Chef Harry’s Cooking Studio, Hipptiy Hops Chocolate Shoppe, Ribbits Ice Cream Parlor, and Frogaritas Frozen Island Oasis. Oh yeah, there is also a refreshing, cool afternoon snack available each day – can’t forget about that! The First Day This is one of the most highly anticipated days of the year (not counting color war break, color war week, the camp carnival, wacky water day, talent show week, the parent BBQ night, the Frogtoberfest in October… ah, you understand). Let’s just say that when those campers get off of the bus on the very first day of summer camp, there is no feeling quite like it for me! Like Dorothy said in the Wizard of Oz, “there is no place like home!” Welcome home everybody! The Special Events Trust me, there is something for everyone on our special events calendar each summer. Mix in camper favorites like the ones mentioned above or our Halloween in August dance-a-thon fundraiser coupled with surprise events that change annually, and you have the perfect combination of camper favorites and soon to be new hits. Just when you thought the fun was over and it was time to get back to school, we welcome everyone back to camp in October for our annual Halloween event, Frogtoberfest. Come on, really? It doesn’t get any better than that! The Daily Assemblies Every one of our camp days begin and end at assembly. Each morning campers are greeted with music, games, contests, a new group raises the flag, and camper/team member birthdays are celebrated. Then on Friday mornings … let’s just say you haven’t seen any assembly in the world quite like our Friday morning assembly! Which leads me to the 9th thing I love about Frogbridge… The Largest Camper Conga line in the World You have to see this to believe it. Imagine: it’s Friday morning and we are ready to end another great week at Frogbridge with a celebration like no other. As soon as “Sweet Caroline” blasts from the speakers, everyone – and I mean EVERYONE – jumps to their feet and connects their hands on the shoulders of the person in front of them to create the largest conga line ever! Man, I can’t wait for the first one this coming summer. And last, but certainly not least… That Frogbridge Fever The moment you step foot off the bus on your very first day, you catch it! Day by day, and week by week, the fever grows stronger. It’s something that can’t be measured or explained, it can only be understood by Frogbridge campers and team members. Some say it’s the energy and enthusiasm displayed by just about every person in the camp while others think it’s a magical spell that’s been placed over the entire property. Whatever the reason, one thing is for sure…. once you catch that Frogbridge Fever you don’t ever want to let it go! So there you have it – my top 10 things I love about Frogbridge Day Camp. Here’s what some of you had to say on our Facebook page when we asked what you love about Frogbridge:
‪Jaimi Maloff Miller‪: Everything. My son comes home happy!! And tired!!!!
‪Maria Facciponti‪: Gianna learned to swim like a fish. She absolutely loves her time there. Counselors are awesome
‪Cindy Preiser Pukel:‪ My daughter said swimming and my son said everything!
Joyce Mula Gheraldi‪: Even better than all the great activities and (should be) Zagat rated dining are all the BFF’s my son has made.

Did we miss one of your favorite things? Share your thoughts with us on our Facebook page or Twitter! And while you’re stuck inside on a cold winter’s day, just think, we will be together again having fun in the sun in only five short months!