Signs You’re Ready for Camp

The beaches are open and warmer weather is here. Harry J is ready to go and is filled with cheer. Here are some other signs that you’re ready for camp this year…
You put away those sweatshirts and break out your camp t-shirt to wear to school.
Your end of the year class trip makes you wish you were heading to Frogbridge.
The countdown at school isn’t just for when school ends, it’s also for when camp begins.
Field day at school reminds you of the green and gold teams at color war.
You keep playing against your camp friends in soccer, baseball, and basketball on weekends.
Your dance recital features dozens of your friends from camp and you start thinking of choreographing for your talent show.
All the stores at the mall are selling bathing suits and you buy the best ones you can find to wear at the new pool.
You order chicken fingers at McDonald’s and they just don’t taste as good as the ones you’ll be eating very soon at camp.
You hear “shut up and dance” and you feel yourself dancing on stage at the Frogbridge assemblies.
You constantly start thinking of color war team names.
You pass up a trip to Florida during the summer because you don’t want to miss a day of camp at Frogbridge.
You hear “Sweet Caroline” in a store and instantly get the urge to start a conga line.
When someone says “Gaga” you’re not thinking about the pop star.
You daydream about color war, tubing on the lake, and zip lining throughout the day.
You get your “Welcome Home” letter with your new camp group and bus number on it and you start calling all your friends to find out if you are in the same group.

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