Spotlight: Laura and Melissa

A simple visit is all it will take to understand there’s no place in the world quite like Frogbridge. Our facility is unrivaled and our activities are second to none. But what truly sets our Monmouth County summer camp apart from the rest are the team members we are lucky to have here with us. Among the most important of those team members are the ten who countless days and hours of extra time to help make Frogbridge the success it is today. While everyone at Frogbridge gives 110 percent, two of our team members stand out in my mind as people that have truly made Frogbridge the place it is today. They are Laura and Melissa, the focus of today’s Frogbridge spotlight. Laura is our amazing office manager and Melissa, is best known as “my right hand.” These women never rest, eating, sleeping, and breathing Frogbridge every day of their lives. We couldn’t imagine where we would be without them! Lets get to know a little bit more about each of them and how they came to Frogbridge.

Laura’s Story

I first started at Frogbridge when I was hired for a Tadpole position before it even opened. Seeing how the camp has developed and grown since day one has truly been amazing. Although I’ve worked at “The Bridge” since it opened, my role for the past 10+ years has been office manager. Both of my children, Josh (24) and Jesse (20) were fortunate not only to be campers, but also team members. Their wonderful memories of Frogbridge will last a lifetime and I couldn’t imagine them not having the experience they had here at Frogbridge. When I am not working, I enjoy spending time with my boys and family and have a love for chocolate and my favorite TV show of all time is Seinfeld. I’ve traveled to many places and islands, but my favorite place has to be is Germany where most of my family lives. My parents met in Germany during World War II. My father is from the Philippines and my mother is from Germany. I am the second youngest of four girls and grew up in Staten Island. I received a degree in Computers from the College of Staten Island and later worked for a trading firm off Wall Street as a Systems Administrator. As my children were growing up, I volunteered for many years in the school system as a class mom and as a part of the PTA.

Melissa’s Story

When I started working at Frogbridge, I never imagined that it would be a place I would call home, for not only myself, but for my family as well. If someone had told me when I graduated UMBC that I would be working at a camp on a daily basis, I probably would not have believed them. I always went to camp as a kid, and when I was old enough to work, I started as an assistant counselor and worked my way up the hierarchy. Camp is a huge part of my life, and people have said to me that I live in a Frogbridge bubble. This upcoming summer will be my 9th summer at Frogbridge, and what’s amazing is that every year is totally different. The great part about working in the office all year long is that when all of the campers go back to reality on the last day of camp and go back to school within the following weeks, I stay at camp. The first thing I do when I arrive the Monday after camp ends is start the countdown clock and stare at it each day to see how much time I have to get everything ready for the next summer. From staff contracts, to planning travel calendars, to setting up special events, the camp program, newsletters, t-shirts and everything in between, I work closely with JR all winter getting everything ready for the summer. Summer is my favorite time of year! I love the beach, the warm weather and taking my daughters Jayden (7) and Addison (5) to the Jersey Shore. (They too are campers, and are growing up Frogbridge!) We love the summer so much that during the winter when it’s freezing here, we often visit Florida for vacation. So what do I do when it’s winter? I love TV, shopping, and I love to eat! Everyone has a favorite TV show and mine is Grey’s Anatomy. Shopping can be done anywhere, and now that all the stores are online it’s great! Now, you ask about food? I snack all day on cookies, chocolate and chips. When it comes to restaurants I love trying new places, even though I order the same foods wherever I go. Although I have things that keep me occupied during the winter months, summertime at Frogbridge is truly the best. Nothing can replace the incredible friends that I have met, the amazing memories and having enough Frogbridge apparel to last a lifetime. Always remember, “Live 10 months for 2!” As you can see I’m very lucky to have such incredible people working by my side everyday of my life. If you haven’t gotten the chance to meet them, feel free to stop by the office at any time, they’d love to say hello and maybe you’ll be lucky enough to get to know them as well as I have. Check back soon for our next Frogbridge Spotlight!