Summer Day Camp Near Manalapan Township, NJ

Looking for Summer Day Camps Near Manalapan Township, NJ?

Hop on Millhurst Road from Manalapan Township for a short 22-minute drive to the gates of New Jersey’s most exceptional summer camp for kids—Frogbridge Day Camp! Give your child the chance to experience the transformative power of friendships, independence, and nature in a secure environment near home. From youthful explorers to the young at heart, there’s something exciting in store for campers ages 3–15 who attend our camp.

Over more than 20 years of camp experience, one thing has never changed: our mission to always put children first. Our primary focus is on the health, safety, and development of your child while providing the resources needed to blossom in his or her own special way. Frogbridge Day Camp is more than a campground! It’s a place where your child can develop new life skills, build lasting friendships, and have exciting experiences.

As soon as you walk through the entrance of our grounds, you immediately become our family. Our dedication to family allows us to work in partnership with parents and campers in Manalapan Township to ensure we understand the needs of our campers and can give them a life-changing experience. As a family-owned and -operated day camp, we recognize that family is everything! If you are looking for a fun summer day camp near Manalapan Township, New Jersey, contact us to schedule an open house.

Why Summer Camps are So Significant for Kids

Ask any of our returning families why summer day camp is so significant for their kids, and they’ll have an endless list of benefits. At Frogbridge Day Camp, we give your child the opportunity to experience fun outdoor activities and adventures. More importantly, through these ventures, they develop grit, self-confidence, leadership, and passion.

When we opened Frogbridge back in 1999, one of the few things we knew with absolute certainty was that we wanted our summer day camp near Manalapan Township to be a safe place for all children—a place where they can play on teams, socialize with friends, and problem-solve in challenging situations. We feel just as strongly now as we did back then. We’ve noticed that campers in Manalapan Township flourish each year they come back to our summer day camp. Here’s some of the other benefits we’ve seen our campers develop:

  • Healthy and active lifestyles
  • Qualities of resourcefulness and responsibility
  • Community and family-centered values
  • Sense of belonging and resiliency
  • Lifelong friendships

These qualities don’t just disappear after a three-month summer. They stick with your child for a lifetime. Milestones in your child’s life are crucial—first day of middle school, first time staying home alone, or first official sporting game. After a summer spent at our camp, your child will approach these stepping stones with determination and strength.

Reasons Why Parents in Manalapan Township Choose Frogbridge Day Camp

There is no denying that your child can experience these advantages at other summer camps in Central New Jersey. However, it is quite clear why the same families return to Frogbridge each year, and this has to do with what we call “The Frogbridge Difference.”

Care & Supervision

One of the reasons why parents in Manalapan Township choose Frogbridge is that we only employ the best of the best. Our Pre-K through 3rd graders are in the most important years of development, so they work only with fully licensed and accredited New Jersey state teachers. For 4th through 8th graders, we have college education majors working under the direction of our teachers to give our older youngsters the ability to relate to individuals not much older than themselves. We are proud of our educational programs and staff—and for having the highest staff-to-camper ratio in the industry.

Parent Engagement

Parents love that we want to see them involved. Our effort to be the most exceptional summer day camp in New Jersey is rooted in our strong belief that parents should be engaged in each step of the way. Before the start of camp, we reach out to both parents and campers to get an idea of what kinds of activities are preferred, and from there, we customize our days based on what was selected. We also encourage parents to pop in to see the smiles on their kids’ faces every once in a while. Parents will surely leave with an even bigger smile knowing that their children are happy!

Other Frogbridge Benefits

Some other Frogbridge benefits that our parents rave about when sending their children to Frogbridge Day Camp include:

Parents are relieved that our facilities are entirely fenced and gated, along with a guard at the front entrance to monitor who comes in and out of our camp. These are just a few of the many reasons why Frogbridge is the top choice for families near Manalapan Township.

Looking for a Summer Camp Near Manalapan Township? Contact Frogbridge Daycamp Today!

We invite families in Manalapan, NJ, to take the day camp challenge by visiting any other day camp in Central NJ and then visit Frogbridge. Experience the Frogbridge Difference first-hand and discover all of the wondrous activities not found at many others with premier catering and learning experiences. Since 1999, we’ve stayed true to our mission to keep “Children First” and provide the best summer day camp experience.

We would love for you and your children to visit us online and see what all of central New Jersey is talking about. Our day camp near Manalapan Township, NJ also offers private tours that can be scheduled by calling our main office at (609) 795-7209.

We’d love to welcome your family to our Frogbridge family!