Summer Day Camp Near Marlboro, New Jersey

Looking for Summer Day Camps Near Marlboro, NJ?

Give your children the opportunity of a lifetime at Frogbridge Day Camp. In a quick trip from Marlboro, NJ, you’ll discover our gorgeous 86-acre facility filled with pure action-packed fun for children anywhere between the ages of 3 and 15. Every year, parents are ecstatic to drop their kids off in the morning because of how much they enjoy our activities and the friendships they’ve built here.

With more than 35 years in the camp industry, our mission of putting children first has driven us to create a fully supportive environment that encourages your children to never stop trying new things. Through trial and error, you children will learn that the word “impossible” says “I’m possible.” We strive to give your children the confidence they need to grow into the successful young adults that they will soon become.

At Frogbridge Day Camp, we pour every ounce of passion we have into making our campers and families happy. Our camp mentors are fully licensed teachers and collegiate counselors that put your child’s well-being first. We welcome all parents to meet our counselors and come see what makes Frogbridge so special.

What Can Day Camp Near Marlboro, NJ Do for Your Children?

Summer day camp in Monmouth County, NJ offers an extraordinary experience to children. For young children, this could be their first time learning to be away from home or a chance to make new friends. Either way, your children will learn a new level of independence that will improve their emotional and social skills. Parents report that they’ve watched their children develop higher self-esteem and leadership abilities after a summer spent with us at Frogbridge Day Camp.

The benefits of sending your child to summer camp near Marlboro, NJ are endless. According to the American Camp Association, two significant statistics show that summer camp is more than just a place to send your kids for the summer:

  • 92% of children say that summer camp helped them feel more confident in themselves
  • 96% of summer campers say that camp gave them the opportunity to make friends

In addition, campers advance life skills like problem-solving techniques and team player attitudes. Since the opening of our doors in 1999, our founders kept these benefits at the forefront when building our summer camp activities. Over time, we’ve seen our campers blossom and develop several advantages including:

  • Healthy and active lifestyle
  • Long-lasting friendships
  • Leadership and resourcefulness qualities
  • Increase self-confidence and resilience
  • Community centered values

All these opportunities give our campers the ability to discover more about themselves. Whether it be picking up a new athletic hobby or uncovering an artistic talent, our summer day camp program will become a vehicle for truly transforming your child’s life.

What Frogbridge Day Camp Qualities Keep Parents near Marlboro, NJ Satisfied?

There is no doubt that there are a variety of summer camps all throughout New Jersey in the Marlboro area that you can send your child to, but what makes Frogbridge so powerful and why parents year after year are satisfied with our services is something we call “The Frogbridge Difference.” We commit ourselves to providing your child the best camping experience at rates equivalent to all others.

Parent Communication

At Frogbridge Day Camp, communication with our parents is essential. As a family-owned and operated day camp, we embrace the ability to be able to closely communicate with our camp families every day. We are always available to listen to your needs and concerns–our programs are even crafted by parents and their children together! We encourage our parents to call or visit any time.

Freshly Prepared Lunches

Frogbridge Day Camp offers a delicious hot lunch every day in our fully air-conditioned catering hall. We have as many as 12 daily options which include a sandwich bar, cereal bar, bagel bar, salad bar, grilled chicken, pasta, grilled cheese, hot dogs, and so much more. Culinary professionals run our kitchen staff and understand the nutritional needs of our campers, which is why they serve only the highest quality and freshest ingredients to meet all dietary and allergy restrictions. We are proud to supply all campers with gluten-free options every day.

Certified Teachers

Each of our teachers are fully licensed and will remain by your child’s side throughout the summer. They’re experienced, enthusiastic, and dedicated instructors and mentors who are honored and privileged that you would consider our family to care for your family! All Frogbridge employees are personally interviewed by our Director, J.R. Likewise, a background check is performed, three letters of reference are sourced, and a personal conversation with a former employer, teacher, or coach is conducted.

Other Frogbridge Benefits

Some other Frogbridge qualities that parents value when sending their children to Frogbridge day camp include:

  • Extremely safe environment
  • Swimsuit laundering & towel service
  • Air-conditioned activities

Frogbridge is a completely fenced and gated community with a manned security checkpoint at the entrance of the gate who remains there throughout the day. All these qualities, and more, are why parents in Marlboro choose Frogbridge Day Camp.

Let Your Kid Be A Kid at Frogbridge Day Camp!

If you’re still not convinced that Frogbridge is the ideal choice for your children, we recommend that you take part in our Day Camp Challenge: pay a visit to any other day camp in Central New Jersey then come visit Frogbridge. It won’t take long to discover the difference.

Before the kick-off to summer break, we would like for you to join one of our Open House sessions offered on designated weekends leading up to the opening of our camp doors. If you’re unable to make it to any of these sessions, we’d be more than happy to give you a private tour of our venue on a day that works for you. To learn more about Frogbridge Day Camp or to book a personal tour, please call us today at (609) 795-7209 or contact us.