Summer Day Camp Near Freehold Township, NJ

Looking for Summer Day Camps Near Freehold Township, NJ?

A less than 15-minute drive down Stagecoach Road from Freehold Township is all it takes to arrive at Central Jersey’s most spectacular summer day camp for kids! Now more than ever, parents, campers, and families are embracing the Frogbridge Day Camp way. From endless outdoor adventures to an intimate indoor learning experience, campers at Frogbridge leave wiser, stronger, and happier.

Children as young as 3 and as old as 15 may attend our program. Whether you’re the parent of a little explorer, tween, or teen, Frogbridge Day Camp offers a well-rounded camp experience catered to your child’s interests. We hope that after a summer spent with us, your children will feel like a part of our family and recognize the passion we have for the very special place that brought us together.

The story of Frogbridge dates back over 20 years ago, and since opening our doors back in 1999, we’ve become one of the most recognized and reputable day camps in all of New Jersey. We’re grateful for the families that have been a part of our program for the last two decades, and we’re excited to welcome new ones each year. We want to thank every family that extends us the opportunity to care for their child as we become a fundamental part of their story. There is nothing more honorable and heartfelt to us than that.

Summer Day Camp: An Integral Part of a Child’s Life

Summer day camp provides a plethora of learning benefits to children. Inevitably, children will gain knowledge and information, but what’s more significant is the development of their interpersonal skills, sportsmanship, independence, and confidence. Summer day camp allows children to unplug from technology and engage in a connected world, where they build lifelong friendships and memories.

Educating children through camp helps empower their decision-making skills, their ability to communicate with others, and their understanding of values. Frogbridge Day Camp nurtures our campers in a social, emotional, and physical learning environment, giving children structure but also the freedom to be a kid. Our program lays the foundation for your child to mature into an intelligent adult, with the drive and determination to handle anything that comes their way.

Why Choose Frogbridge Day Camp?

With so many different types of camps to choose from, parents are faced with a difficult decision to make—one that can make an incredible difference in their child’s life. Frogbridge Day Camp presents something unequivocally advantageous to our campers and families, and that’s what we call the “Frogbridge Difference.” When parents in Freehold Township talk about their favorite parts of Frogbridge, here’s what they mention:

Unyielding Dedication to Care and Supervision

Our carefully selected personnel are equally as passionate about the growth of your child as you are. All our staff and workers have an unyielding dedication to providing top tier care and supervision for our campers. In their most prominent developmental years, our Pre-K through 3rd-grade campers are guided by fully licensed and accredited New Jersey teachers.

Our 4th- through 8th-grade campers are paired with college education mentors who help encourage them to pursue their dreams and ambitions. We have one of the most equal camper-to-staff ratios in New Jersey, ensuring every one of our campers receives the support necessary to explore and to be protected.

Commitment to Health and Safety Excellence

Ensuring the health and safety of our campers is our number one goal at Frogbridge. We understand what parents look for when they seek out a camp for their children. We provide all our campers with a safe space—a warm environment that allows them to blossom into their true selves—free from harm, judgment, or worries.

We are implementing and enforcing essential health standards and regulations at our facility, including cleaning, sanitization, social distancing, and face-covering policies. We’re devoted to rethinking the way we run our camp to keep your child as safe as possible.

Endless Opportunities

At Frogbridge, we truly believe that opportunities are endless. Our campers countdown the days until they can return to Frogbridge, especially to indulge in our laser tag, wiffleball, bumper car, and bungee trampoline activities. What’s so unique about Frogbridge is that our activities are all-inclusive, so whether your child loves sports or the arts, they can experience it all. Each day is filled with new possibilities. Other qualities of Frogbridge that parents and campers in Freehold Township value include:

  • Registered nurses
  • Freshly made lunches in the dining hall
  • Daily swimsuit laundering and towel service
  • Air-conditioned transportation service
  • Indoor air-conditioned activities
  • Lifeguard-managed aquatic activities

Find All the Fun to Be Had at Frogbridge Day Camp!

Something we encourage families in Freehold to do is the day camp challenge. We are sure that after visiting any day camp in Central NJ and then returning to Frogbridge, you’ll see for yourself the difference and quality of care that our day camp provides. Since 1999, we’ve stayed true to our promise to keep “Children First” and give the most extraordinary experience to your children while at summer day camp.

We encourage you and your children to join us during one of our Open House sessions offered on select Saturdays throughout the winter. Tour our campus and see for yourself the wonders of Frogbridge Day Camp! If you missed the winter open house season, we are happy to provide personal tours as well! Call us to schedule yours today at 609-438-8275.