Summer Day Camp Near Cream Ridge, NJ

Looking for a Day Camp Near Cream Ridge, NJ?

Located just 6 miles from Cream Ridge, NJ, you have an opportunity to uncover the fun-filled summer camps at Frogbridge Day Camp! Take a short drive down the road and you’ll be thrilled to drop your kids off knowing they’re in safe hands close to home. From preschool to high school, our summer day camps are exciting and educational for all kids and teens in the Cream Ridge area.

With more than 35 years of experience hosting day camps, our mission of putting children first has never changed. Our goal is that our entertaining summer day camp will give today’s youth the opportunity to learn and experience new activities with a supportive community around them. We strive to give your child a fun and safe environment that allows them to thrive in their personal and social developments.

Year after year, the same families return with their children to our summer day camp near Cream Ridge, NJ because of our devotion and openness in everything we do. At Frogbridge Day Camp, we not only aim to connect with our campers, but we take the time to build lasting relationships with our clients, parents, and families. As a family-owned and operated day camp, we understand just how important your family is to you. It would be our pleasure to be a part of keeping them safe, which is why we’re available all year long to answer questions, provide personal tours, and support new and returning families in the best possible way.

Benefits of Summer Day Camp for Youth

Kids who attend summer day camp enjoy a number of benefits. Once classes end and summer break begins, children look forward to the positive interactions and structured yet engaging activities that Frogbridge has to offer. Parents of children who have attended our summer day camp in Monmouth County, NJ notice a stronger sense of maturity and leadership qualities in their children, along with higher intellectual and moral standards.

According to the American Camp Association, two powerful statistics demonstrate why summer camp is beneficial for our youth:

  • 70% of parents report that their children have gained self-confidence through participation in day camps
  • 92% of summer campers say that camp has helped them feel good about themselves

When our founders opened the doors to Frogbridge in 1999, they kept these benefits in mind when constructing their program and establishing their true mission. Since then, we’ve seen kids in Cream Ridge blossom each year as they return to our summer day camp near Cream Ridge, NJ. Some of the benefits that we continue to see among our campers include:

  • Healthy and active lifestyles
  • Community centered values
  • Long-lasting friendships
  • Raised self-confidence and resilience
  • Qualities of leadership and resourcefulness

The promise of building new connections, trying new activities, and stepping away from home has provided children with qualities that will stick with them as they get older. Our day camp experience challenges children to solve difficult problems and work through them in teams.

What Brings Parents in Cream Ridge, NJ to Frogbridge Day Camp?

There’s no doubt that children can experience these benefits by attending other summer day camps in Central New Jersey. However, there are specific reasons why parents and their children always come back to Frogbridge — reasons specifically related to what we call “The Frogbridge Difference.”

Parental Communication

Parental communication is highly encouraged at Frogbridge, which is why so many parents find consolation in our summer day camp. They can easily communicate with their children or their camp administrator at any time for updates. Likewise, the director sends out weekly reports highlighting the events of the week. Parents can feel at ease knowing that they can check on their children at any time of the day.

Accredited NJ State Teachers

Parents especially respect the professional teachers and counselors that are employed with us. We bring onboard fully licensed and accredited NJ state teachers for all campers between Pre-K and third grade. With the supervision of our licensed teachers, Collegiate Education Majors instruct most of the fourth through eighth-grade groups. We’re proud to have the highest staff to camper ratio in the industry with the most dedicated and skilled workers.

Other Frogbridge Benefits

Some other Frogbridge benefits that parents appreciate when sending their children to Frogbridge Day Camp include:

  • Swimsuit laundering & towel service
  • Carefully crafted hot & fresh lunch
  • Air-conditioned activities
  • Extremely safe environment

Frogbridge campgrounds are gated and fully supervised by a security guard at the front entrance. The convenient benefits that Frogbridge offers keep parents feeling comfortable with sending their children here each year.

Behind the Scenes: The Frogbridge Day Camp Difference

Our Frogbridge operations are aligned around a vision we all share: putting children first. We believe camp is a stepping stone to a brighter, more fulfilling future, and we hope to make that come true through what we call The Frogbridge Difference.

Delivering Life-Changing Mentorship

Without our teachers, counselors, mentors, and staff, Frogbridge would not be the same. These individuals are the glue that holds us together and the people who mold your child’s learning experience. All campers pre-K through 3rd grade are matched with fully licensed and accredited NJ state teachers. Most of our camp groups 4th through 8th grade are partnered with college education majors and supervised by licensed teachers. This strategy ensures that each camper’s quality of learning is specific to their stage in development.

A New Approach to Health and Safety

At Frogbridge, we’re committed to keeping your child healthy & safe. We believe that communication and transparency are key to reassuring our Colts Neck parents. From our entirely gated perimeter to professional aquatic lifeguards, our dedication to safety is unwavering. In the event your child feels sick, we have on-duty registered nurses to tend to their needs. In addition, we place a great deal of effort on cleanliness and sanitation. We assess and address any potential risks before we open our gates to our eager campers.

Additional Perks at Frogbridge

Frogbridge Day Camp is one of a kind in that we blend hundreds of activities and programs. We have it all, from traditional camp sports like soccer and kickball to creative arts like cooking and ceramics. Our activities are specifically designed based on age and skill level to ensure everyone gets the most out of their camp experience. Additional perks at Frogbridge include:

  • Swimsuit laundering and towel service
  • Daily transportation services
  • Freshly prepared and tailored lunches
  • Indoor air-conditioned activities
  • Family-oriented and safe environment

Frogbridge Day Camp is often a once-in-a-lifetime experience for campers in Colts Neck, and we work hard to create a safe and exceptional learning community for all.

See What Sets Frogbridge Day Camp Apart

If you’re still unsure about whether Frogbridge Day Camp is the right fit for your children, we encourage you to participate in our Day Camp Challenge: go see any other day camp in Central New Jersey and then come visit Frogbridge. We’re certain that your family will cherish Frogbridge as much as we do.

Before summer recess lets out, join us at one of our Open House sessions to take a personal tour of our beautiful 86-acre facility. To get more information on our summer day camp at Frogbridge, call us today at (609) 795-7209 or contact us.