Ask The Director

The following questions have been prepared to assist you when you are interviewing and evaluating Day Camps for your child. We hope you will find this guide useful in determining the best camp for your child.

About the Facility
  • Is the camp accredited by the American Camp Association (ACA)? If not, why?
  • How many children are enrolled in your camp?
  • What percentage of campers re-enroll each year?
  • What is the price of the camp? Is your fee all-inclusive? If not, what extras do I pay for?
  • Does your camp have indoor facilities available to ALL campers? Are the indoor facilities air-conditioned?
  • What medical facilities and medical care do you provide?
  • Does your camp have adequate swimming facilities for extremely hot weather? Is the temperature of the pools comfortable for young campers?
  • Are restroom facilities conveniently located throughout your campus? Are they kept clean?
  • Describe your rainy day facilities and program.
  • Does your camp have an indoor dining facility? Is the dining facility adequate in the event of inclement weather?
About the Staff
  • What is the counselor/camper ratio?
  • What is the return rate among staff?
  • Do Licensed Teachers and Adult Group Leaders supervise your youngest camper groups?
  • How old are your counselors? How many adults supervise my child?
  • How are your counselors selected?
  • Does your camp check references and perform a background check on all staff members?
  • Who are the Administrators, and what background do they have in camping?
  • Who instructs the activities at your camp? Are they experienced in their field?
  • Does your camp have specialists in various sports areas, as well as in the activities?
  • Describe your pre-camp staff-training program.
About the Camp Programs and Policies
  • Describe a typical day at camp. How many activity periods does the camp have per day?
  • Describe your lunch program. Are special dietary needs provided for? Who prepares lunch each day? How are meals served? Are food servings limited in any way? Is lunch cooked fresh daily on the premises? Who makes sure the children are eating? Describe your alternate food selections.
  • How many periods a day are scheduled for swim? Describe your instructional swim program?
  • Does your camp have an alternate rainy day program? What does your rainy day program consist of? Are all rainy day indoor activities air-conditioned? Can you accommodate ALL CAMPERS indoors?
  • How many nurses are on duty at camp? How many nurses are there in the Infirmary? Is your Infirmary air-conditioned? Do you have separate restrooms for sick children?
  • What is your system of notifying parents in case of illness? What is your back up in the event a parent cannot be reached?
  • What is your visitation policy? Will security personnel meet each visitor before entering the campus?
    Does your camp provide a mid-afternoon snack?
  • How does a child choose one of your “club” (elective) choice periods?
  • Do you take children out of camp for activities as part of your regular camp program, or does your camp have enough on-site activities for all campers?
  • Through what age group do you provide a full on-campus camp program?
  • Describe your travel programs and supervision.
  • Describe your Counselor-In-Training (C.I.T.) program?
  • Does your camp have adequate program facilities for teenage campers?
  • Is there a pre-camp orientation for campers and parents?
About the Transportation Department
  • Are all transportation vehicles equipped with air-conditioning and seat belts?
  • Do you offer door-to-door air-conditioned transportation?
  • Is there a faster, more direct option to take my child to camp?
  • Do licensed, fully trained professional drivers transport children?
  • How are your drivers selected?
  • Are background checks, fingerprinting and random drug tests performed prior to hiring?
  • Are copies of all drivers’ records on file in the camp office?
  • Do you have open lines of communication with all drivers at all times?
About the Director
  • How many years have you directed children’s camps?
  • What is your professional background?
  • hat are your camp goals and philosophies?
  • How can parents contact the Director? Who will respond if I have a concern?
  • Is the Director accessible throughout the year?
About Your Membership
  • What does your camp membership entitle you to?
  • Do parents and campers have the ability to meet the Director, their Teachers, Counselors, and Division Leaders, BEFORE camp begins?
  • Does the camp interact with their campers and families throughout the year, offering informative newsletters and special event days?
  • Are campers, family members and friends invited back to the facility throughout the year to enjoy special “Theme Days” with their pad-mates?