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There’s no shortage of activities for campers at Frogbridge Day Camp! We strive to offer the best summer day camp experience and listen to suggestions that we hear from parents and children alike. We stand by our mission statement, “Children First” in all things that we do. By keeping summer camp new, fresh, and exciting – this is one way that we live out our mission statement. We can’t wait for Opening Day and to see the excitement on camper’s faces as they experience our new activities and electives. Come find out for yourself why Frogbridge is the best day camp in Monmouth County!

Mario Kart Go-Kart Raceway

Imagine yourself an official member of the Mario Kart universe and you are the driver at an all new Mario Kart themed go-kart raceway. Campers have the chance to immerse themselves in the world of Mario Kart. Our newly designed track is bigger, larger and even better than before. Campers that do not meet the height requirement to drive may still enjoy our Mario Kart experience while being driven by a friendly team member.



Imagine rocketing skyward clutching the ball and getting ready to shoot. You look up to see your opponent perfectly matching you. Time slows to a crawl as you hang in the air, waiting as long as is humanly possible to launch the ball at the goal. Gravity stakes its claim, your opponent starts falling and you hurl the ball missing your o pponent’s fingertips by mere inches. Goal! In a heated match, inches are often the measure of the margin of victory. Players reach astronomical heights in the competition for vertical superiority, and before long they begin to invent spectacular shots to disorient, distract or intimidate their opponent.

New Rock Wall with 500 foot Zip Lines

Our new rock wall will have campers reaching new heights and zipping through the woods and over our lake on 500 foot long zip lines.  For the less adventurous campers still interested in zipping, you can walk your way to the top on our new spiral staircase!

Newly Renovated Pool Complex

After recently adding our fourth heated pool as well as expanding our pool deck, installing new fencing and adding umbrellas and lounge chairs throughout our pool complex, we have now resurfaced all of our existing pools and will be adding new pool slides.

New Elective Choices and Schedule

Our camper clubs are now expanding. Campers in Middle and Senior camp may now choose from several FULL WEEK club choices. This means you can choose a favorite program and go back each day of the week to create a more elaborate project on Main Street, or gain additional knowledge and playtime at your favorite sports or activities.

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