Frogbridge presents its newest attraction coming this summer… Aeroball!

Join us this summer for our newest high energy attraction, where players reach astronomical heights in the competition for vertical superiority. Aeroball® is a fun combination of trampolining, basketball and volleyball. The trampolining element delivers exercise whilst the scoring develops timing and strategy skills.

Imagine rocketing skyward clutching the ball and getting ready to shoot. Time slows to a crawl as you hang in the air, waiting as long as is humanly possible to launch the ball… GOAL! Are you ready for some exciting 1-on-1 or 2-on-2 Aeroball® action? Our new four person Aeroball® lets you do both. Our large four person unit allows a set of two fast paced 1-on-1 two person games or one game of two person teams which providing a significant degree of extra strategy. Imagine having to time your bounce and shot, or pass, based on what three other players are doing. Things get frantic fast, but the fun doesn’t stop until everyone is out of breath. Get ready for a amazing experience this summer at Frogbridge Day Camp!

Newly Renovated Pool Complex

After recently adding our fourth heated pool as well as expanding our pool deck, installing new fencing and adding umbrellas and lounge chairs throughout our pool complex, we have now resurfaced all of our existing pools.

Best of all we have just added two mega sliders at our pool complex that are twice as long and twice as fast as our previous sliders which means much more fun in the sun this summer!

Rock Wall with 500 foot Zip Lines

Our new rock wall will have campers reaching new heights and zipping through the woods and over our lake on 500 foot long zip lines. For the less adventurous campers still interested in zipping, you can walk your way to the top on our new spiral staircase!

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