Frogbridge Day Camp

Summer Day Camp Near West Windsor, NJ

Looking for a Fun Summer Day Camp for Kids Near West Windsor, NJ?

Hop on the 133 highway from West Windsor Township for a short 28-minute drive to the gates of New Jersey’s most exceptional summer camp for kids—Frogbridge Day Camp! Give your child the chance to experience the transformative power of friendships, independence, and nature in a secure environment near home. From youthful explorers to the young at heart, there’s something exciting in store for campers ages 3–15 who attend our camp.

Over more than 20 years of camp experience, one thing has never changed: our mission to always put children first. Our West Windsor summer day camp focuses on the health, safety, and development of your child while providing the resources needed to blossom in his or her own special way. Frogbridge Day Camp is more than a campground! It’s a place where your child can develop new life skills, build lasting friendships, and have exciting experiences.

As soon as you walk through the entrance of our grounds, you immediately become our family. Our dedication to family allows us to work in partnership with parents and campers in West Windsor to ensure we understand the needs of our campers and can give them a life-changing experience. As a family-owned and -operated summer camp, we recognize that family is everything!

West Windsor Summer Camp Instills Meaning and Values

Life’s most powerful force is being a part of something bigger than yourself— something that brings meaning to your life and promotes happiness. In joining our summer day camp near West Windsor, NJ, kids develop a connection with themselves and each other. They learn the value of teamwork, leadership, respect, and family.

As a family-owned and operated day camp, family means everything to us. Within our 86-acre campsite, “impossible” doesn’t exist. Our summer camp kids program is designed to build the confidence children need to blossom into responsible young adults. We teach that nothing is impossible if you put your mind, heart, and soul into achieving it.

Why Enroll Your Kids at Frogbridge Day Camp?

It goes without saying that Frogbridge Day Camp is the place to be, and there are many reasons why parents in West Windsor entrust their children with us. Our standards reflect what we refer to as “The Frogbridge Difference.” Here are just a few things our campers and parents love about us:

Passion to Support and Mentor

Our summer day camp near West Windsor, NJ exceeds expectations by going above and beyond in supporting and mentoring our campers. We are known for having one of the highest staff-to-camper ratios in the industry. What’s more, we hire only the best to provide quality care for our campers. We take a personalized approach in caring for each of our campers, with one common goal—to help children succeed. Preschoolers through third graders are led by fully licensed and accredited New Jersey state teachers. Fourth graders and up are partnered with college education majors and graduates who serve as role models.

Steadfast Health and Safety Commitment

Health and safety have always been overriding principles at Frogbridge. However, we’ve taken the necessary steps to raise our standards even higher. As part of regular operation, we have a guard at our facility’s entrance, so we always know who’s coming in and out. All of our aquatic activities are managed by certified and professional lifeguards. And, just in case your kiddos feel under the weather, we have registered nurses here to make everything better.

Following CDC protocols, we have implemented new sanitary and cleaning measures to ensure the safety of all our campers, staff, and families. At our summer camp near West Windsor, our main priority is to make sure both you and your children feel comfortable knowing that we are taking the additional steps needed to meet optimal health standards.

Limitless Fun

Whether our summer camp kids want to enjoy laser tag, wiffleball, adventure sports, lakefront activities, or the creative arts, we have it all! Our summer day camp provides a variety of activities and electives that our campers can choose from. Even rainy days can’t stop the fun. We’ll just take activities indoors to indulge in slushies and smores. Campers are indeed free to be themselves, no matter what their interests are. Other amenities at Frogbridge that parents and campers in West Windsor appreciate include:

Discover our passion-driven summer camp near West Windsor, NJ, offering exceptional support and mentoring for campers. With a high staff-to-camper ratio, certified lifeguards, and a focus on health and safety, we provide limitless fun and a family-oriented environment that exceeds expectations. Get started today by booking a tour with us.

Enroll Your Child to Join Our Day Camp Near West Windsor, NJ Today!

Frogbridge Day Camp is nestled in the heart of Monmouth County, New Jersey. A summer experience at Frogbridge focusing on friendship, growth, and independence helps drive campers to achieve their personal best. By enhancing our campers’ self-perception and showing them the power of strength, connection, and freedom, they’ll build resiliency. This will help guide them through life’s ups and downs. 

The best way to get to know us is to pay a visit to our campsite. We welcome you and your family in West Windsor to see why Frogbridge is an extraordinary place where dreams become a reality. We’re impatiently counting down the days until we open up our gates, and we truly hope your children will join us. To schedule a visit, register, or find out more about our program, call (609) 208-9050 or fill out a contact form today.