The SAGE Scholars Tuition Rewards Program is now available!

The SAGE Scholars Tuition Rewards Program is now available, free of charge, to all families whose children attend Frogbridge Day Camp or The Tadpole Village Preschool
Once registered, your family will receive guaranteed minimum scholarships, redeemable for up to one full year’s tuition, for full-time undergraduate study, starting with the freshman year, at 380+ participating private colleges and universities

About Tuition Rewards

  • Tuition Rewards® is FREE to you through Sage Scholars’ affiliation with Frogbridge Day Camp & The Tadpole Village Preschool.
  • There are over 475,000 students who are now enrolled (or have been enrolled) in Tuition Rewards®
  • There are 375+ participating private colleges & universities, located in 45 states from Maine to Hawaii; the number is growing.
  • Tuition Rewards® is the nation’s 1st and largest college savings plan* devoted exclusively to private colleges and universities.
  • Member colleges benefit by recruiting access to the SAGE student database once students reach 9th grade.

* As measured by student participants, identified assets and number of colleges. Rewards points must be submitted at time of application. Colleges may include rewards points with other financial & merit aid As with frequent flyer miles, rewards are not refunded in cash.

“SAGE Scholars Tuition Rewards is an independent entity with no legal or ownership affiliation with Frogbridge Inc. or Tadpole Village Preschool LLC, and the benefits promised are the sole responsibility of SAGE. Parents should closely examine the SAGE program before agreeing to participate.”

Earning Your Rewards

Earning Tuition Rewards couldn’t be easier! For every summer that you register for four or more weeks and complete your entire stay with us at Frogbridge Day Camp, or for each year you attend the Tadpole Village Preschool for at least three days and complete the entire school year with us, you will receive 3,000 Tuition Rewards points ($3,000 value).

Each Tuition Rewards Point equals one dollar ($1.00) in guaranteed minimum discounts off the list price of tuition at member colleges for undergraduate study, beginning with the freshman year.

* The maximum Tuition Rewards points per camper is limited to 3,000 points per calendar year. Please see for complete details.

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