Paper, get your paper here!

“Psst, hey, did you hear about all of the new activities at Frogbridge this summer?”

“Is it true the green team now has the lead in color war?”

“I heard there are even more surprises in store for us when we arrive at Frogbridge next week!”

“Did you know that Frogbridge campers and parents raised over $5,000 at this summer’s Hop-n-bopathon?”

Are you looking for even more scoop about your favorite camp and mine? Are you interested in hearing about all that went on at Frogbridge this week? Maybe you would like to find out about what’s hoppening at Frogbridge all winter long. Well, if you are interested in these or any other Frogbridge news throughout the year, this is the place to go!

On this very page, hot off the press each week of the summer you will find our camp’s official newsletter, “What’s Hoppening”. It is packed with all the info that a camper, parent or family member could ask for. If it’s happening at Frogbridge, we will have it for you right here! Happy Reading!